Life & blog update :August 2019

at the beach

Life & blog update:August 2019 .…was another hot month. Too hot for a pregnant woman in her last few weeks of pregnancy. Who knows maybe my baby girl is already born at the time when you read this 🙂 My second pregnancy was pretty much the same as my first pregnancy. The only big exception is that I got varicose veins in my right leg and that I didn’t suffer from heartburn in the last trimester. However, it wasn’t easy at all to take care of an active toddler with an ever growing baby bump. I think my bump is bigger now but I’ve actually gained just a bit more weight. I’m looking forward to a baby girl, I imagine things will be different with her. But then again, maybe it’ll be the same as it was with her older brother. The thing I’m sure of is that the first few weeks after birth will be difficult because I’ll have to muster somehow enough energy to spend quality time with my boy and my newborn. Will my boy be jealous? Have you had two kids under two? Give me some advice😉

It’s fascinating to see my boy speak more and more and understand everything. But he’s also started to have those dreaded terrible twos tantrums!

So what did we do in August? Spent time at the beach, suffered through another heatwave and finally prepared everything for our baby girl. We took our boy to an aquarium and terrarium. Was he interested much? Hard to say. He did look at some of the fish there but he also ran all over the place. He enjoyed the ice-cream a lot afterwards.

My blog turned 4 at the end of the month. I hope you saw my blogiversary post and took my short survey:) Thanks!


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