Life & blog update: September 2019

my baby girl!

Life and blog update: September 2019….was all about my baby girl 🙂 So, feel free to skip this post if you’d rather read about travel. My baby girl L. was born almost a month ago. I actually managed to write about her already. Yes, she’s fine. And I’m fine too, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. This second postpartum recovery went faster than the first. At least these first few weeks weren’t as difficult as the first time round. (However, I still look pregnant. This time I’d probably need to exercise to get rid of the baby bump). Also, it was so much easier to deal with a newborn. I guess experience counts for something after all. The only issue was/is our toddler. As expected the whole situation of mummy being away at the hospital and then coming back and devoting her time to another child was quite difficult for him at the beginning. He was both angry at me and jealous of his baby sister. Yet at the same time he was also sweet around her. I wish I could tell you that he’s completely accepted the new situation. But it takes time. I know he’ll be her best friend, soonish. 😉

My boy dealt with another new situation this month too. He started going to nursery school (what’s the proper word for it these days? nursery? daycare center? I was taught the word kindergarten at school. ) He was doing great until I ended up at the hospital. The he started to cry a lot at the nursery school. But he’s fine again apart from the runny nose.

I got terribly sick at the end of the month and my hubby as well. Luckily, the baby didn’t catch it too. I can’t believe my baby girl is almost one month old!:)

I bought three books at the second hand bookshop when we went to town to register the baby.

In brief that’s all about September. And yes I managed to attend briefly friends’ bachelorette party.

Blog….so I thought I’d need a complete break from blogging but I don’t. I’ll just write when I feel like it. 🙂


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