Life & blog update: October 2019

my husband and our boy

Life & blog update: October 2019 ...was a sick month. What do I mean by that? Well, we were are sick all the time! My boy picks up all sorts of germs in the kindergarten and gets sick and then we all get sick too! It’s exhausting to be sick so much.

At the beginning of the month I managed to attend a wedding of a friend briefly. She was gorgeous in her designer wedding dress. And I ate so much cake!! We also went to the nearby ski resort. Nop, not for skiing. There’s no snow yet. I just wanted to take a walk in the nature with our boy (it was too cold to bring our baby girl so it was a really short excursion).

My baby girl is growing all the time. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter if that’s even possible 😍 She’ll be two months old soon.

My husband went again to Essen Spiel (Germany) to pitch his board games. Hopefully one day his game will be in our big board games collection.

Just two more months till 2020. A whole year has just vanished. Pregnancy and looking after a toddler does that to you. There’s really no time to do all I want.

After a long time I participated again in travel linkup with a brand new post. It was fun to relive some of my travels for that post. But I don’t know when I’ll finish writing all my other travel posts which are still just ideas in my head.


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What were the highlights of your October?


Have a great November!





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4 thoughts

  1. I remember you mentioning that you thought that you were not sure if you would be able to continue blogging but I’m glad to see that you are. Maybe it will not always be easy or even possible but you will find your rhythm and find the moments in between the insanity to sit down and share your travel experiences even if just brief moments with the kids. I think it will be a beautiful thing how your kids will one day log on and see how their mom wrote about travelling and all the memories etc..I think it’s cool that your blog is evolving from solo travel to a family blog.

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    1. Thank you. Hopefully there will be more time for both travel and blogging about it than I have right now. There are some ideas for our first trip as a family of four for spring but we all have to be healthy for that😁


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