Travel expectations #travellinkup

Expectations, expectations, expectations.. can make or break a holiday. I usually have great expectations of life in general so naturally when it comes to travel sometimes I get disappointed because of my unrealistic or unsubstantiated expectations. However, sometimes a place exceeds all of my expectations and I have an amazing time on my trip. In the past few years a couple of places have turned out to be pleasant surprises and only one fell short of my expectations.

I had high hopes of a chocoholic heaven (Brussels) but in the end I had mixed feelings about the capital of the EU. It’s not you Brussels, it’s me. I’m sure some people will like you more than I did.


On the other hand our day trip to Bruges was perfect in every sense and I fell in love with it. How could I not to? Picture perfect little squares and charming houses, canals and a fun boat ride, waffles and beer, there’s something for everyone in this fairy-tale town.

The most recent surprise came in the shape of a vibrant Berlin. To say that I didn’t have any expectations of the German capital would be the understatement of a century. We went to Berlin for our first trip without the baby because we got free accommodation and because the flight was ridiculously cheap. We discovered a city full of culture and history and we’re eager to go back to explore it more.

Gendarmenmarkt square, Berlin


Since the birth of our son two years ago we took several trips as a family. Our first day trip abroad was to beautiful Udine in Italy. It’s such a charming town and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Our road trip to San Marino was a great trip too. The entire trip was ridden with all sorts of expectations. Expectations from myself and our little family to my expectations of the tiny Republic of San Marino. I didn’t expect to be so tired during the entire trip. But when you travel with a baby that still doesn’t sleep through the night it’s silly not to expect to be exhausted. On the other hand, my boy seemed to have enjoyed the whole trip and was generally quite undemanding. Gorgeous, medieval town of San Marino was a true discovery. I recommend that you spend there at least a weekend not just take a day trip from Rimini. However I can’t explain why I still haven’t blogged about our sightseeing in San Marino. Hopefully, I’ll do it eventually.

San Marino

San Marino

Our family has grown recently and now we have a baby girl too. So, future family trips will be trips with a toddler and a baby. Talking about expectations……


This post is part of October 2019 travel linkup hosted by Binny’s Food and Travel Diaries, Silverspoon London, and Adventures of a London Kiwi, and Follow Your Sunshine with the theme of expectations. When/where have they been exceeded or when/where were you disappointed?


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