Brussels-final thoughts (April 2015)

Did I like Brussels? I’m not really sure. Yes, it’s got a lot to offer, and we’ve only experienced a fraction of it since it was just a weekend trip. Would I like to come back? I don’t know. Would I like to live there? Not really. These are usually the questions that I ask myself after I’ve returned from a trip to determine whether I really liked the city or not.
What I liked: chocolate shops, waffles, the cartoons graffiti on the walls, the Atomium and other major tourist sights, our hotel, the dog police in the Laeken park (didn’t see the actual dogs but heard them and the sight of the small station was super cute), the surprise sunset

the famous Tintin from a Belgian comic book
the famous Tintin from a Belgian comic book

What I disliked: street urinals around the city which I guess are useful so that men don’t pee in the streets but they are also smelly and ugly to see around some nice buildings like the one just at the back of the Notre-Dame de la Chapelle church; the rubbish in the streets because they don’t have big rubbish bins (like in some other places too) so people put the rubbish outside to be collected on certain days of the week; some not so nice streets; short opening hours of some museums (usually closed by 5.30 pm!)

you can't see the urinals in the photo but they're here; I didn't want to take a photo of them!
you can’t see the urinals in the photo but they’re here; I didn’t want to take a photo of them!

I was a bit put off by Brussels the first day but as I’ve already explained I wasn’t in the mood for travelling and that made all the difference. I really enjoyed myself in Brussels on the second day so perhaps I could give it a second try to see how I like it on my next trip.
On Sunday we went to Bruges and when we returned to Brussels we got off the train at Brussels Central station which is situated close to the beautiful square Place Royal (the museums quarter in a way and there’s also the Royal Palace nearby ) and had a nice walk back to the hotel. I’m glad we’ve visited Brussels and in the end I had a nice time there. It wasn’t perhaps the most memorable of all the trips but it was a good escape from the reality like all trips are.

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  1. I liked your posts about Brussels! I really like the city, but probably experience it differently since I am from Belgium. I really dislike the touristic shops in the center, with the chocolate etc. for me they don’t represent the ‘real’ Belgium. If you’d still like to return one day to Belgium I would recommand the city Gent, not too touristic and very pretty! 🙂

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