Let me show you my 6 favourite cities in 6 photographs

St Paul's , London
of course London is my number 1 🙂

After you’ve travelled for a while and crossed a few countries and a few cities off your bucket list it gets more difficult to decide which of those places are your favourite. I have visited many beautiful cities and towns around Europe but some have left me speechless while others didn’t impress me much. Usually how I feel about a place doesn’t have to do with the place itself but with the circumstances of my trip e.g. my mood, the weather, my travel companion, and other variables. For instance I didn’t like much Brussels but that was a bit unfair of me. I think it deserves a second chance 🙂  So how to decide what are my favourite cities? My favourite cities are the cities that left a mark on me, that make me want to visit them again and again, that have an emotional significance for me and the cities where I could imagine moving to in an instant. Of course, one of those cities is London as you well know but I’m not going to put it on this list since London is my ultimate favourite city and my first love. But I’ve got to follow the Numbers rule and present you the list of my 6 favourite cities in 6 photographs.

Without further ado here’s the list of my 6 favourite cities (it was actually quite hard to choose just six):


Bologna, Italy

I fell in love with Bologna during summer 2004 when I spent around two weeks travelling and partying around Central Italy. It was love at first sight. I was there with my best high school friend and we had a blast. I was 21 and Bologna marked the beginning of the life of travel for me.

Eiffel tower

Paris, France

After visiting London I didn’t expect that I’d love Paris that much. But in summer 2007 my best friend (we used to pretend that we were half-sisters when we were kids 🙂 ) and I spent a week in Paris. We walked all day long and danced through the night. I have such fond memories of that trip.

Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds, England

After I graduated ( I studied English and History) I worked in England for a while. I lived near Bury St Edmunds which is a perfectly charming small town in beautiful Suffolk. I felt like I was in a book or in a movie. I still think fondly of this pretty little English town.


Edinburgh, Scotland

This was the first international trip that my husband and I took together (back then we were just dating). Even though it was July Edinburgh met us with foggy and cold weather but we still enjoyed the spooky atmosphere of the Royal Mile and the many beautiful places in this town.


Lisbon, Portugal

I was quite taken aback by Lisbon. And no, I didn’t put it on this list just because my hubby and I spent our honeymoon there. It’s a gorgeous city and it’s a place I could return all the time. An idea for our next wedding anniversary?:)


Bruges, Belgium

This was probably the best day trip that I’ve ever taken. We were in Brussels for a weekend but thanks to my husband we took a train and spent a day wandering around beautiful Bruges. I loved our canal boat ride and the lunch we had and my search for the perfect Belgian pralines. I’d love to go back and spend a few days in Bruges.

So that was my list of my 6 favourite cities in 6 photographs! It was a hard job to narrow it down to just six. I think that Stockholm and Nice deserve a place on this list too as well as many other places.

Would you like to get involved in this challenge? What are your favourite cities?


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  1. I was watching House Hunters International this morning about a couple who was looking for a place in Lisbon and I though what a beautiful city – and now I read about it on your blog too…definitely on my bucket list now!

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  2. Well, I never would have guessed Bury St Edmunds would be on your list! Interesting to discover some of your top places. Bruges is definitely worth a few more days and I must visit Lisbon! Thanks for linking #citytripping

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  3. London (of course 😉 ), Edinburgh, Florence, Lyon, Strasburg :my favourite European cities so far and Geneva, Switzerland. I would love to visit New York and Sydney soon! ❤ ❤

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