Monthly Blog Overview: November 2016

I wrote about Christmas markets in Villach & Velden, Austria

November. Actually November is one of my least favourite months. Somehow this November wasn’t that bad despite the almost non-stop rain which lasted for around 10 days straight! Also, I didn’t travel anywhere and I didn’t get any good news. But I am felling all right, I guess. Even kind of optimistic:) I think I need to thank my early Christmas shopping this year for making me feel better ( I know retail therapy sounds so clichéd but I am so happy with my new Christmas jumper). Going to two Christmas season opening events this last weekend in November (which is the first Advent weekend) cheered me up a lot too. I mean you can’t feel down after drinking whiskey hot chocolate and mulled wine, right?;) I’m so looking forward to December. I’ll be quite busy actually so I might not post as much as I did this month ( 12 posts). And it’s my birthday soon too! I’ll be 33. Oh, I’m so old…:)

So, in case you missed them:

Published posts in November

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Christmas markets in Villach & Velden, Austria

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Top November posts

Christmas markets in Villach & Velden, Austria

WPC: Magic ( 9 3/4 platform)

Blog love

As I said I published quite a few posts this month. I also participated in the 3-day quote challenge for which I was nominated by Chy from the Lost Mango blog.

I did a couple of posts prompted by WordPress, using their Daily Prompt initiative and The Weekly Photo Challenge. So, next time you don’t feel inspired to write anything check these ideas🙂

I think the post I liked the best this months was Went to bed in Carcassonne, woke up in Narnia by Different Shores blog.

 I also quite enjoyed reading London Christmas posts by Pinay Flying High blog.

So, that’s it for my November monthly blog overview. I might not post as much as I want to in December (quite busy with my work) but hopefully I’ll manage a few posts and then do more in January.

Have a happy December!



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