Your travel wardrobe sorted!

in Pula, Croatia a few years ago. I love my red coat:)
in Pula, Croatia a few years ago. I love my red coat:)

It’s very important to be comfortable while travelling. You don’t want anything mundane such as clothes to ruin your travel experience, do you? I am rather sensible most of the time when it comes to clothing but I have made occasional mistakes too. Like that time in Nice, France when I wore my new shoes and had huge blisters by the end of the day. But, hey, I was in France and I wanted to look stylish. I could have looked much better in my old trusty ballet flats 🙂 When I began traveling properly in my 20’s I used to stay at hostels and I had my big backpack. When I travelled to Greece by boat I wore comfy walking sandals and cargo pants because I needed to stay as comfortable as possible on my 2 weeks odyssey around Greece. When cheap flights became omnipresent I ditched my backpack and got a small convenient hand-luggage-size suitcase. So I had to be smart on how much clothes I could pack in my small suitcase.

in Nice, France, 2015
in Nice, France, 2015

You should keep in mind two different aspects of any trip when considering what clothes to pack: clothes for on the go and clothes for the destination. Of course, you should combine those two so as not too pay for excess weight if you’re travelling only with a hand luggage.

Clothes for ON THE GO: this means what you’re wearing while actually flying, or travelling by train/bus/boat/car.

Layering is the key here. Always have a cardigan or a long-sleeved top in case you get cold on the plane. You probably won’t be wearing heels too 🙂 Leggings and jogger pants are a good comfortable choice as well as hoodies or sweaters.

this is cute and comfortable for a long flight
this sweater is cute and comfortable for a long flight
cute florals on these leggings
cute florals on these leggings

Clothes for the destination: the clothes you’ll be wearing while at your destination since you’ll probably pack differently for a hiking trip in South America or a city break in Rome

For both aspects of your travel wardrobe you should follow the basic SWO rule:

S: dress for the Season

W: dress for the Weather

O: dress for the Occasion

For example, I travelled to Edinburgh in July a few years ago. When I planned my travel wardrobe I had to go through SWO rule very carefully. S:it was summer but I knew that Scottish summers are quite different from hot and sunny Croatian summers so I knew I wouldn’t be carrying flimsy beach dresses. W:naturally I checked the weather forecast and saw clouds, rain and a temperature of around 13°C. Perfect, so I should be taking my autumn clothes, I figured. O: we were going to spend a week in Scotland and a day in London and do lots of walking. We’ve also planned some nights out so I knew I had to pack my fancy tops too 🙂 And I was well prepared!

this is cute and warm
this hoodie is cute and warm

When my best friend and I went to London in 2013 we’ve booked an afternoon tea. On the website it said:smart casual for clothes so we brought skirts and blouses while we spent the rest of the time in London wearing jeans and sneakers. So, even though S and W rule are the most important you can’t forget about the O rule!

So what should you pack? (bearing in mind the SWO rule)


Think of the season and the weather. For example, good boots for winter and sneakers for pretty much the rest of the year. Comfy flip-flops or even better walking sandals for summer. Of course, try to carry two pairs of shoes always so you can alternate between them and rest your feet. I usually take my flats too since they’re even more comfortable than my sneakers so I take both flats and sneakers.


Outerwear is quite important. A solid winter jacket or a coat for cold days, a leather jacket or windbreaker for chilly days and a cardi for summer (just in case). Bring trousers or jeans but do not wear skinny jeans while on the plane in case you get bloated or if you’re on long-haul flight because of thrombosis. So, leggings and jogger pants are a smart choice too especially if you plan a more adventurous trip. Of course, you can carry a skirt or a dress too especially if you plan a night out! T-shirts and long-sleeved tops are essential no matter the season or weather because you can combine them with other pieces. You can also wear leggings under a skirt if it gets suddenly cold.

I like the colour of this jacket
I like the colour of this jacket
you can always pack a cute T-shirt like this
you can always pack a cute T-shirt like this


A scarf is your best travel companion. It can style your wardrobe or give you warmth. You can use it also to cover yourself for instance if you’re visiting a church in more traditional countries. Gloves and hat for winter. Don’t wear too much jewelry and don’t take your granny’s heirloom on your trip.


My advice: choose comfort over style here. Sports underwear is a good choice. Take a camisole too. Don’t forget socks! And tights if you’re packing a skirt too. Take PJ’s, not a nightie.

So, here you are, your travel wardrobe is sorted! Just bear in mind the SWO rule (season, weather, occasion) the next time you’re packing for your trip! Enjoy your travels!:) 

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post but all the views and the opinions are my own. 

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18 thoughts

  1. I never have a proper structured approach to packing clothes Tanja so this is really useful. I pretty much always end up wearing leggings for flights – so much comfier I find compared to jeans and I too found out the blistery way that comfortable flat shoes are definitely the way forward!

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  2. This is such good advice. I never seem to know what to pack, especially when it comes to shoes. And I always seem to forget to pack something warm and find myself freezing on the plane!

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  3. I love wearing leggings when traveling! Typically I just take my favorite clothing when I travel (bearing in mind the weather of course). My biggest problem is packing too much! Have any tips for that problem? 😉

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