Monthly Blog Overview: October 2016

October. And suddenly Autumn came. I can’t believe it’s only two months till the end of the year. It’s still 2015 in my head. I can’t cope with 2017 coming so soon 🙂 I feel like I spent the entire year dealing with various family health issues. On a brighter note, I recently spent a few days in Florence on a business trip. Since I had some free time I went for a walk and discovered a small botanical garden. That was a rather pleasurable discovery. Also, I finally did some hiking again after a long time and I’ve decided to share a few photos from that autumnal walk with you. I’m not looking forward to November. In my book that’s one of the dreariest months of the year. But then comes December and my birthday and Christmas 🙂 I do love Christmas markets! So how was your October?

So, in case you missed them:

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A lost church and the Botanical Garden in Florence

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Discover Croatia: PAG

A walk in the woods

Blog love

I’ve recently been linking my posts with the new travel linkup called Faraway files and hosted by three lovely ladies whose blogs I read avidly. They are Katy from Untold Morsels, Erin from Oregon girl around the world and Clare from Suitcases and sandcastles .The Faraway Files linkup goes live every Thursday!

And I want to thank all my readers and followers for your comments 🙂 I appreciate your input.

So, that’s it for my October monthly blog overview. What’s in store for November? More Croatia posts and I need to write about my visit to Kenwood House in London.



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  1. I think January is the most depressing month of the year. At least in November you can look forward to Christmas; in January, you still have a year to wait before Christmas comes. And who cares about February’s Valentine’s Day?

    It sounds like you had a busy and successful month in October! Lots of writing and exploring! Some of the best things in life! 🙂

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