A walk in the woods

Last Saturday my husband and I went for a walk in the woods. Luckily, we didn’t have to drive far from our seaside hometown since there are plenty of woods nearby. I haven’t done any hiking for a long time so at the end of our walk I was quite knackered but happy. I enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful autumnal colours and some outdoor exercise :). I even got surprised: we followed a hiking trail to a waterfall. I didn’t know of that waterfall and when we found it eventually it was a great sight to behold. Sometimes the closest places to your home can surprise you beyond any expectations. After our walk we drove down the mountain to have some lunch and to eat chestnut cakes .

I’m looking forward to our new walk the next weekend (if the weather permits, it’s a rainy week so far). Who knows, maybe I’ll find something new as well!

ps. all the photos are taken with my mobile phone since I didn’t plan to use this for my blog 🙂 but I’ve changed my mind:)

Do you like autumn?

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