Discover Croatia: PAG

Pag bridge
Pag bridge

In my second installment of blog series Discover Croatia I’m taking you to Pag town on Pag island. I haven’t been to Pag island until this summer. Strange, I know. I’ve been 11 times to London but I still haven’t visited all the islands in Croatia. Pag island is actually quite known to young party-animals because of Zrče beach (Novalja) and its clubs and music festivals such as Hideout festival. But I don’t think that many of those who party hard at Zrče have actually seen much of Pag island. If you’re not into that kind of entertainment anymore, let me tell you more about a small but beautiful Pag town on Pag island.

I holidayed for a couple of days with my husband in a small Dalmatian village this summer like we usually do. But I finally managed to convince him to go to Pag island which is less than an hour away from our accommodation. Our friends joined us for a day trip of exploring Pag town. We walked around Pag town, had excellent lunch and spent some time at the nearby beach before the storm came. When we drove back we stopped again just before the bridge and visited the ruinous fortress.

About Pag

First photo opportunity arose just before we crossed the Pag bridge (it’s free). We stopped and took some photos like the other tourists. The view of the mainland across the sea and the view of barren Pag island is very special. In my opinion Pag has a very Moon-like landscape and it could be a perfect location for some SF movie. Actually Pag has a nickname Lunar Island. Pag is the fifth largest Croatian island but it’s the only one which belongs administratively to two counties. Pag island is famous for its delicious Pag cheese, exquisite lacework and the salt extraction since the ancient times.

at Pag bridge this summer
at Pag bridge this summer

Pag town

Pag is a small historical town where you can explore its narrow streets with stone houses and admire the beauty of its churches. The name Pag is first recorded in 10th century. Much like the rest of the Dalmatian coast Pag was a part of the Venice Republic for a couple of centuries. The town Pag has actually changed its location during the history. The people moved to today’s Pag in late 15th century and they built city walls and towers to protect themselves from the possible enemies. In the twentieth century Pag shared the destiny of many other Croatian islands and suffered a great loss of population because people left their homes in search of a better life across the Atlantic. Today around  4, 000 people live in Pag and mostly work in tourism industry.

What to see in Pag town

Church of the Assumption (15th century)

church of the Assumption, Pag

in Pag town this summer
in Pag town this summer

Rector’s Palace at the main square, opposite the Church of the Assumption

Church of St. George (the patron saint of Pag)

 Church of St. Francis

St. Margarita church and the Benedictine monastery

Old town walls (15ct) and Skrivanat tower (the only remaining tower)

old town walls, Pag

Pag, Croatia

Skrivanat tower


Salt magazines

Pag Lace Museum (Pag lacework is on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity )

Just across the old town is the Pag bay lined with 20km of pebble and sand beaches including three city beaches too.

and some other photos of my walk around Pag town

natural sponge from the Adriatic sea
natural sponge from the Adriatic sea
Pag lace
Pag lace



Pag town, Croatia
city bridge Katine

views of Pag from Katine bridge:

Pag town, island Pag 

Leaving Pag we stopped again just before the bridge and visited the abandoned fortress which is actually being renovated.

Pag bridge. Croatia

the fortress just before the bridge
the fortress just before the bridge

How to reach Pag island

The nearest airport is Zadar airport (about 70km away). Then you take a bus or hire a car and cross the Pag bridge.

If you’re arriving by car from the north (e.g.Zagreb or Rijeka) then you can take the ferry to the northern part of Pag island from Prizna ferry port or take a ferry Rijeka-island Rab-island Pag.

Have you been to Pag island? 


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66 thoughts

  1. Headed to Croatia this week! Can’t wait – lovely lovely pics. I love the natural sponge towers – so fun. Thank you for sharing and engaging with #FarawayFiles – we are glad to have you on board and can’t wait to see what you will share next! Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin

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  2. Now that you mention, Pag Island seems pretty akin to the moon surface. Nope, I’ve not been to the moon. Joke aside, I like to visit little town like this, it’s relaxing and always full of little nice surprises:). #citytripping

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Croatia is so picturesque. Beautiful Pag island is now on my list for a return visit in the near future. I especially like those sponges for some reason. They look like they would give you a good wash! Thanks for joining us on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh it looks lovely… islands are my favourite thing. It does look like it could be a perfect location for some SF movie – maybe the next Star Wars… Funny that young party-animals go to Pag – it looks so mellow. I like the simple Croatian architecture; the ancient church is so beautiful. The marina is really cute too. I imagine the seafood is gorgeous. And cheese – is that goat’s cheese? I’ve been to Dubrovnik and other more well-known places on a road trip but I’d like to go further afield in Croatia; thanks for this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that’s sheep cheese:) The parties at Novalja town (Zrče beach) are quite notorious actually:) but I doubt they visit Pag town:) check my post on Rab island too if you’re into islands:) I’m glad you’ve visited Croatia:) thanks for stopping by


  5. I love that photo of you and your husband on the bridge. Thanks for taking me on a guided tour of Pag island – I love finding out about the parts of the world I haven’t heard of before. It definitely looks like a trip worth taking. Thanks so much for linking up with #Faraway Files. It’s lovely to have you with us 🙂

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  6. I am enjoying your posts on Croatia since it is an area of the world I know little about. It is beautiful. I think I need to add it to my list of places to visit some day. I love the photos with the bridge.

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  7. I love the idea of the tradition you and your husband have of holidaying in one of the Dalmatian villages each summer- sounds so romantic and a great way to see your different parts of your own country. I know what you mean though about how sometimes we neglect our own areas like I’ve been to NYC 3 times but still haven’t made it to the Lake District in England which tourists from all over the world love to visit when they come here so that should be next on my list! Thanks for the virtual tour round Pag 🙂

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