Snapshots from London (May 2016)

Some things always bring a smile to my face: chocolate, cats and the sight of Big Ben, just to name a few. I love travelling and I’m sure that a lot of you fellow travellers have a favourite city, place, region or even a country but I also know that it might be difficult to explain to other people why you prefer one place over another when there are so many gorgeous places in this world.

London is loved by many but you might wonder what made someone from a small country by the sea (Croatia) fell in love so much with such a huge city. I’ve tried to explain it a bit before but I’ve come to realize that love cannot be explained. We are who we are and we love what we love even if it defies logic or reason. I’ve first visited London in 2006. Since then I’ve been coming back almost once a year, always finding new things to discover and always re-visiting my favourites. It was a coincidence that I booked my eleventh visit to London on 11 of May, 10 years after the first visit. I usually go to London with my best friend ( I also showed London to my husband when we visited Scotland) but this time I went alone.

I arrived to London on Wednesday evening and returned home on Sunday morning so I had 3 full days in London; 72 hours to wander, to admire, to take photos, to say goodbye.  I’ll write about my adventures but for now just a teaser of what’s to come. Enjoy 🙂

Paddington bear, London

Sky garden, London

St Paul's , London

snapshots from London

Big Ben, London


Tower Bridge, London

Harry Potter, London

Hampstead, London

Kenwood house, London



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  1. Outstanding photo set. The colorful doors alone would make a great image study. Really well done. Have a blessed day.

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  2. I have lived in London all my life I loved your photos you got some great familiar captures there you will love my area Marylebone/Baker Street if you haven’t already been

    Have a Londontastic week 🙂

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  3. I’m just an hour away from London by train so do like to visit and, like you, can always find something new to explore. I’ve just come back from a weekend there and it was, as usual, so exciting.

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  4. What a great set of snaps. I love seeing what stands out to people – as someone who grew up very near London a lot of it I hardly notice any more. So it’s nice to see it through new eyes! Thanks for linking up, and looking forward to reading more about your trip!

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  5. Ahhhhh, I love how many London posts you have! I can’t get enough of it. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to completely articulate my love for London. It’s just so captivating to me!

    Thanks for linking up with us on #TravelTuesday. Keep those London posts coming!! 🙂

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  6. Wow Tanja you packed in loads! I only made it to the Sky Garden myself a couple of months ago – looking forward to hearing what you thought of it, I really liked it! hope you had a wonderful time and that you’ll be back again soon!

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  7. I’ve been to london 3 or 4 times now but I’ve never stumbled across those paddington bear statues I keep seeing everyone with. Are they near paddington station?

    London is such a magical city I adore it as well. But I love so many places in england. It’s a country with such charm and character 🙂

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    1. the Paddington bear is at platform 1 of the Paddington railway station and then you have some more sculptures around the city, so called Paddington bear trail:)

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  8. Great captures! Your photos remind me of the many things I like about London but also showed me new things I have not seen.

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  9. Love your photos! It’s wonderful seeing such love for my home city and you have captured it so well and clearly got some good weather while you were there. You certainly packed a lot into 3 days. Look forward to reading more about your adventures. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

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  10. I’ve been wondering how your trip went so it’s great to see your gorgeous photos! I really enjoy travelling alone occasionally, doing things at your own pace and choosing exactly what you want to see without worrying about the other people in your group. It looks like you did absolutely loads of brilliant things. Can’t wait to read all about it!

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    1. thanks:) It was a great trip but then again I’ve never had a bad trip to London:)) I’ve got loads to write but not so much time at the moment 😦

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  11. So many iconic places in London, sometimes we forget to look because it is home! I try and tell myself to look up as there is some much fascinating detail high up on buildings. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

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  12. Oh, what a FANTASTIC post! It looks like you had a super time in London and I recognise so many places.

    I grew up in Liverpool, not London, before moving to Johannesburg. I moved to London because every time I wasn’t here, I missed it. It broke my heart to be away.

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  13. What impresses me is some of the modern architecture: the building that looks like a spike, the other that looks torpedo shaped, and the other that looks like a big sponge. I was there about 25 years ago and of course never saw them…London’s skyline has definitely changed.

    Frank (bbqboy)

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  14. London truly is an amazing place. I always say if there is one place I could return it would be London because I just don’t feel like I’ve had enough time there to see and experience everything.

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