My London Anniversary

just one of the many beautiful streets of London, photo taken in May 2016

Exactly ten years ago I visited LONDON for the first time. I’ve spent amazing time discovering London with my best friend M. and vowed to visit it again. After ten years and 11 visits to London I’m still in love with the best city in the whole world. And there’s still so much to do and to see. This year I went to London on my own and after initial missing-my-best-friend-to-share-London-with feeling I actually enjoyed wandering around London by myself. However, I do want to share my 12th visit to London with my best friend! When will it be? I don’t know. I don’t actually have plans of visiting London in 2017 ( shocking! I know 🙂 ) since there are other cities I want to explore in 2017 which have been pushed aside because of my constant visits to London (you can read all about my London adventures on my London Posts  page).

What are my ideas for my 12th visit to London? I guess I should finally do the Shard despite the cost and despite the fact that I enjoyed free views of London this year from the Sky Garden. Also I really want to see a musical and/or the Mousetrap finally. I’d love to visit Warner Bros Harry Potter studios too. This year I discovered Hampstead so I’d love to choose another lovely part of London and just spend a day walking around and taking photos. I could finally see the red telephone boxes installation in Kingston as well! Oh, there are so many things I’d love to see in London! Until then I can remember fondly all my past London trips.

the bookstore from the movie Notting Hill, my first London trip in 2006
the bookstore from the movie Notting Hill, my first London trip in 2006
with my best friend on the London Eye-Oct 2008
with my best friend on the London Eye-Oct 2008
at the Tower Bridge with my husband, 2012
at the Tower Bridge with my husband, 2012
in 2016
in London in 2016, my 11th trip to London

I’ve got so many beautiful photos of different London landmarks. I guess I have taken at least a hundred photos of Big Ben and Tower Bridge in the past ten years! But I’ll take a hundred more on my next trip to London, I’m sure! 🙂

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    1. :))) maybe, but when you actually live somewhere, after the initial excitement and the chores of the everyday life you forget about your immediate surroundings and start dreaming of faraway places..and visit new places not your own backyard:) I haven’t still visited a lot of places in my country too! that’s normal:) happy 2017!


    1. yes, that photo has a lot to do with the HP books:) and the scarf is flying because you get magic help to do it!;) actually, I do have a couple of photos of the same place taken a few years apart, a lot has changed in London skyline!:) happy 2017!

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