Life & blog update: November 2019

Life & blog update: November 2019…was a month my sweet boy turned 2! I can’t believe he’s already 2 years old. He really enjoyed his birthday celebration. And what a difference from his first birthday. Now he opened his presents by himself and he blew the candles on his birthday cake like a professional and he ate his cake at the table with a proper fork !:) He’s growing up so fast! He walks to the kindergarten every day and he wants to do everything by himself. It’s funny to listen to him talk. He pronounces some words properly but he uses his own abbreviations for some other words. Recently he’s started to repeat what we say. He can also use simple sentences e.g Mummy, come here. He loves teddy bears and now he has not one but two big (bigger than him) teddy bears as well. I adore his laughter, it’s so cheerful. But it’s not all fun& play. After all he is a proper 2 year old which means that he’s got tantrums. You’d imagine that a two and a half months old baby would do most of the crying/screaming but no, it’s our boy, most of the time. My boy can be very sweet towards his baby sister but he also occasionally wants to slap her.

My baby girl practically holds her head already. She’s very sweet and smiles often. She likes to be carried a lot. She sleeps through the night. She falls asleep around midnight after her feeding and sleeps until 5 or 6 am. Unbelievable! And yet I’m so tired and sleepless and sick all the time. I think my body has had enough after two pregnancies in two years and all the breastfeeding.

I’m sure you’ve all seen horrible photos of Venice. I can’t understand how there can be tourists who came to Venice just to see it flooded. Speaking of floods, my own hometown faced a similar situation. The area around the port and the theater was under 50 cm of sea water due to the heavy rainfall and the wind which causes sea level to rise in the winter. This is not uncommon. It happens every now and then.

Blog wise I wrote about a local Christmas market in Vienna and ran a giveaway of travel article apps with GPSmyCity. I also participated in the last Friendly Friday photo challenge by the Snow melts somewhere. Don’t worry, the challenge will go on, but she won’t host it anymore.

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  1. What a sweet photo! My boys never walk to kindie. It’s because I can’t control them both on my own, they run whichever way they want and there are lots of cars and construction sites around here. Plus it’s dark. So I watch other people going to kindergarten and letting their kids walk freely or ride their toddler bikes… while our boys are still in a stroller!

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  2. A good month for you and your kiddos Tanja 🙂 My little cousin recently turned 3 and I totally know what you mean… at those ages there is a massive difference each year in the birthday celebrations! Last year she was blowing out her candles but this year she was very sad when the cake was cut because it was ‘so pretty’ haha! Hope you have a great December 🙂

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