Life & blog update: December 2019

Life & blog update: December 2019…was a great month filled with all sorts of Christmas activities. I’d decided to do something festive each Advent weekend (four weekends to Christmas). The first weekend we went to island Krk for a seaside walk and came across Santa’s house and took pretty photos as a family. On Sunday we went to the park in the neighbourhood which was decorated with Christmas lights and had free bouncy castle for the kids.

We attended a play on St.Nicholas’ Day and our boy got some presents from St. Nicholas. It was his first play ever and he was very attentive. It was also time to check out the big Christmas tree in the city center. My boy surely loves Christmas trees. Every time he saw a Christmas tree, be it in the streets or in the shop windows, he exclaimed excitedly Christmas tree, Christmas tree and rushed to it. That second Advent weekend was extra busy because we also visited Opatija and went to the chocolate festival. I must say the festival this year was a bit disappointing because there weren’t free samples 🙂

In the third Advent week we saw magical Christmas decorations at Trsat Castle and finally went on a ride on the kiddies’ Christmas train. Then it was time for another Christmas tree lightning ceremony in the neighbourhood. On Sunday we participated in the charity Christmas photo shoot and got some lovely Christmas photos. We put up our Christmas tree finally. Our toddler helped but he kept on putting on/taking off the Christmas baubles:) Happy to say that the Christmas tree survived his and cat’s interventions.

I celebrated my 36th birthday in the last week to Christmas. It was fun to have lunch with my besties. And just like that it was Christmas. Family lunches, seeing friends, eating lots of cakes… It was sweet to see my boy waking up on Christmas day and saying Santa, presents, and then running to the Christmas tree! The joy on his face! Our baby girl just looked at everything with interest. She enjoys company and she smiles at everyone. Unfortunately, the last few days of 2019 were again sick days (not to mention my back problems, I need to see a chiropractor). My boy got ear infection and had 40°C temperature. He’s much better now.

New Year’s Eve was a board game night with several friends. It went unexpectedly well and we had lots of fun (the boy was asleep while the baby girl was determined to participate in all activities). In short, that’s the overview of the main events in December.

Now, onto this blog. I was surprised to see that my two most recent posts inspired several other bloggers to publish similar posts. That doesn’t happen often.


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How was your December?



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