12 months & 12 photos (2019)

This has become a sort of a tradition on my blog. Looking back at the year through 12 photos. A photo for each month of the year. The first time I posted my year in review was in 2016. You can check posts for 2017 and 2018 too if you wish so. 2019 is a year our family grew again. We’ve got now a baby girl and a 2 year old boy. And the cat has got used to all the children by now too 🙂

My 2019 in 12 photos:


I was in Pisa, Italy on 1 January. You can find an old post about Pisa on my blog.



The photo shows just one masked group out of many at the Children’s Carnival parade in Rijeka, Croatia. There’s also the big International Carnival parade.


My cat 😻



Our first trip without our son. Short weekend in Berlin was great! And I was pregnant 18 weeks with my daughter.

Brandenburg Gate


Attending a friend’s wedding. Actually this year two of our friends got married.



Day trip to Dubovac Castle with our boy. It was a fun day trip.



We’ve visited the medieval festival at Dvigrad ruins in Istria.

medieval festival at Dvigrad ruins, Istria, Croatia


We’ve spent most of the summer at island Krk. This is the fortress in Krk town.



My baby girl L. was born in the first half of September.


A walk in the nature…..


My boy turned 2!


St.Nicholas Day, Christmas markets, my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s..the best month of the year!! 🙂 The photo is from Opatija, Croatia

That was my 2019 in 12 photos:)

What about your 2019? How was it? Where did you travel?

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