12 months & 12 photos (2022)

12 months & 12 photos blog post has become a tradition on my blog. I first published it in 2016. You can check the posts for 2017, 20182019, 2020 and 2021 if you want. It’s very simple: one photo for each month of the year. A photo that represents my travels and/or my life of each month of the past year.

2022 was a year of travel. We did a number of exciting day trips with the kids (domestic and international) and we spent several days on Brijuni islands which is one of 8 national parks in Croatia. My husband and I travelled to Malta and I visited London on my own. Workwise this year was quite demanding. There were a number of health issues as well, including Covid in March. 2022 was tough at the beginning but then it got better. However, just before Christmas we got another curve ball but it wasn’t that bad in the end. Kids! Oh my, my two precious kids, moments of pure joy with them and some not so great moments too;)

Anyway, let’s look at some of the highlights (and lesser great moments) of 2022:


January was all right.  We went sledding with the kids which is always fun. We finally came across some nice furniture for our living room and redecorated it all. Of course, my hubby had to have another (bigger!) shelf for his huge board game collection. We started potty training our daughter and it went very well.

Life & blog update: January 2022
my kids sledding in January


I rather not look back on February. I was overworked, exhausted and ended up in the ER. I did a lot of tests throughout the year and they all came back all right, so I need to count my blessings. I took up  Zumba classes which are still fun. And then the news about the war in Ukraine. So sad…

Life & blog update: February 2022
fun ferris wheel, the kids liked the ride on it


If you think February was bad, think again. We got Covid in March. We were vaccinated twice and I was just about to get my third shot when my husband called and said that he had fever. I got it five days later. Our son tested negative the whole time and our daughter was positive and had very mild symptoms. On another note, our son took up football in March and he’s still very keen about it.

Life & blog update: March 2022
on island Krk, our first post-covid seaside walk


I finally removed my wisdom tooth which has given me a lot of problems in the past. After two rather difficult months April was a bit better. We took a rather interesting day trip with the kids. We visited two castles and stunning watefalls in Rastoke and kids had an Easter egg hunt.

Family day out: Castles & waterfalls
our daytrip to Novigrad na Dobri castle, Rastoke waterfalls and Slunj castle, Croatia


May was amazing! My husband and I went to Malta. We explored Valleta, rode in a horse carriage through narrow cobbled streets of Mdina, visited prehistorical temple on Gozo island and ate our body weight in some traditional sweets. And no, I still haven’t blogged about it all. But that wasn’t all:) We spent a few days on Brijuni islands in Croatia with the kids and saw dinosaurs’ footprints, talked to a parrot, explored ancient ruins and had great hotel meals.

Malta trip: pictured here a part of Grand harbour, 3 cities across Valleta


Time for some beach holidays on island Krk as usually. Our son learnt how to swim on his own by the end of the summer. It was great to see my kids perform at their end of the year show at the daycare. They were so cute!

swimming in the Adriatic sea


July was a rather fun month. It started with the girls’ weekend away to Istria. My best friends and I rented a beautiful villa with a swimming pool and had some fun without the husbands and the kids. We went for drinks to Rovinj and had a delicious pizza in Labin. We attended several summer festivals with the kids such as the ice-cream festival and the ancient festival.

sunset in Rovinj
Rovinj, Croatia for our girls’ weekend away


Oh the heat! One heat wave after another, it was unbearable. We spent a few days in Dalmatia with some friends. At the end of the month we went to cool off ourselves to forest area of Croatia and hiked with the kids in Kamačnik gorge. 3 hours of walking on slippery, wet terrain. So proud of my kids! My blog turned 7 at the end of August.

we hiked in Kamačnik gorge, Croatia


So much rain! I am always looking forward to some proper autumn weather after the heat of the summer but there was so much rain in September. We had several birthday parties but the most important one was my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She is growing up so fast!

Life & blog update: September 2022
my 3year old daughter


October was Another quite stressful month. My dad had an emergency procedure which saved his life and the kids were in a really horrible phase. My company moved office which is great because now I work in the city center and I can walk to my job. We went on another fun day trip to Čabar to see a parade for a castle’s anniversary and the kids enjoyed bouncy castles as well.

Life & blog update: October 2022
castle in Čabar, Croatia


We celebrated our son’s 5th birthday at the beginning of November. I feel like I lost some of his younger years because I had his sister very quickly. We took the kids to Slovenia to Postojna caves and Predjama castle. My hubby and I finished 10 x 10 board game challenge this year (if there are any board game geeks here, you know what I mean;)). And then London! It was amazing. I saw the Christmas lights and Christmas markets, met my blogger friend Emma and even got back to Bury St Edmunds for an afternoon tea and a walk down the memory lane (both figuratively and physically).

in London in November 2022


I love December and all the festive activities. I planned to visit a lot of Christmas markets but the weather was against us this year. Nevertheless, we had a blast in Delnice. We went there last year too but this year we got to Delnice by a Christmas train (kids got presents from Santa Claus on the train). Then an unpleasant surprise came just before Christmas but it wasn’t that bad after all.

Delnice, Croatia

That was my 2022 in 12 photos:)

What about your 2022? How was it?

Happy New Year!! I wish you all the best!



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30 thoughts

  1. I’m so glad your year got better! There are always ups and downs, but better to have more ups 😉 The waters in Croatia look just stunning. Also so happy you got your trip to London this year! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2023.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarah.getting Covid just before Christmas wasn’t great but I recovered from that too. I hope 2023 will be calmer. And your 2023 has a wedding theme;) congratulations!


  2. You experienced quite the ups and downs in 2022, but I’m glad that you had some solid travels along the way, especially back to London, your happy place! I hope you and your family continue to be healthy and happy, and I look forward to what 2023 has in store for you. Happy holidays, Tanja!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you had a tumultuous 2022! We also got covid in March and my husband has it again now.

    Looks like you had some wonderful adventures though! Here’s to more travels in 2023!

    Liked by 1 person

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