Life & blog update: December 2022

my kids’ first ever photo with Santa Claus

Life & blog update: December 2022 was… a festive month with a twist. I had planned to visit a lot of Christmas markets but in the end the constant rain and other issues prevented us from ticking off all of my Christmas list. Nevertheless, we had several beautiful Christmas experiences.

December activities started with St. Nicholas’ day and small gifts for the kids. Then, we did the annual Christmas children’s train ride in the city center followed by some roasted chestnuts and fritule (traditional Croatian sweet pastry). Of course, we’ve also visited Trsat castle and marvelled at its beautiful Christmas lights and even met Mrs. Clause. We’ve decorated our Christmas tree in the meantime. Unfortunately, my daughter was sick so she couldn’t come with us for a morning stroll in Christmassy Opatija. The kids also loved Christmas decorations in Njivice on island Krk. The highlight of the month was our visit to Delnice Christmas market.

I bought a lovely Christmas market mug last year in Delnice and the kids really enjoyed all the festive activities there so we decided to go back this year. But this year we arrived to Delnice by a proper train (my kids’ first train ride!). However, it was a very special, modern train with Christmas music and Christmas decorations and Santa and his elves giving out presents to all the kids onboard. I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed that train ride. To top it off, there was some snow when we arrived to Delnice. My kids rode a pony, saw deer again, had a horse carriage ride and we all had a fun snow fight. Coincidentally, it was my 39th birthday:)

The photo above is the first and the only photo we have of our kids with Santa Claus. They didn’t want to take a photo with Santa before. This rather real looking Santa is from a Santa play at the kids’ puppet theatre.

We were supposed to spend Christmas in Italy with some relatives. But I tested positive for Covid the day before Christmas Eve day. I felt very tired and like I’m getting a flu and since my mum got fever a few days before and tested positive for Covid I’d decided to test myself. I felt almost healthy on Christmas Eve morning but PCR test was positive so we all stayed put. Christmas at home, just us, no relatives or friends. In the end it wasn’t so bad. This time Covid was more like a severe cold and not horrible like it was for me the first time I got it in March. I even baked Christmas cakes and the kids helped a lot. We watched some children Christmas movies together and played some board games.

My quarantine ended just in time for New Year’s Eve party. We had a blast with our gaming friends and this time the kids celebrated with us too.

My blog stats bloomed in December. I was rather surprised at the number of views my Christmas market mugs posts got. Great November and December helped me to surpass last year’s blog stats. I am very grateful for all your visits/views/likes and especially comments.

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  1. I’m sorry to read that you couldn’t celebrate Christmas with your extended family and friends! What a bad timing! It’s great that you could enjoy the New Year though! Have a lovely new year!

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  2. Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to spend Christmas in Italy with some of your relatives because of COVID. Glad to hear that your symptoms weren’t too severe though and that you felt fine on Christmas and were able to partake in some festive activities and games with your family.

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  3. Happy New Year, Tanja! Getting COVID right at the holidays isn’t fun at all, but you made do with your family around you! I can see how your December had incredible blog stats, as almost all of your posts were about Christmas! Wishing you a great 2023 with more adventures to come!


    1. Thanks Rebecca.luckily this time covid was much milder than the first time. I tend to do mostly Christmassy posts in December but this year it really suprised me how some of the posts did very well. All the best to you in 2023!

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