6 Beautiful Christmas lights in London 2022

Carnaby Street, Soho, London

London is wonderful at any time of the year but it is magical in the festive season. There are wonderful Christmas decorations and beautifully decorated Christmas trees. I’ve visited London recently (in mid November). I was lucky that (almost) all the beautiful Christmas lights were already switched on. So, let me take you on a photo tour of London’s Christmas lights.

6 Beautiful Christmas lights in London 2022

Carnaby street, Soho

I have never seen more outrageous Christmas lights than in Carnaby street. These decorations are rock’n’roll of Christmas lights. This year Carnaby street celebrates 25 years of Christmas light displays.

Carnaby street

Carnaby street

Carnaby street

St James’s, Piccadilly and Regent’s street

Famous angel like “Spirit of Christmas lights” hang over the Regent’s street and St. James’s. Similar winged creatures adorn Piccadilly area. Of course, the famous department store Fortnum & Mason has charming and ingenious Christmas windows.

Regent street

Fortnum & Mason department store

Bond street

It seems like the crown jewels are above your head as you walk down the Bond street. That’s if you manage to pull up your gaze from the impressive shop windows of quite expensive shops in this street. The usual feathers are replaced by royal themed illuminations, perhaps inspired by the crown jewels.

Bond street
Bond street

South Molton street, Mayfair

Stunning blue arches in this street, just off Oxford street. If you walk down the street a bit further you’ll come across Christmassy decorated Claridge’s hotel which even has a light illusion of snowfall.

South Molton sreet

Claridges hotel

Oxford street

Sparkly little stars illuminate dark afternoons for shoppers in busy Oxford street. Many shops have beautiful and interesting Christmas windows.

Oxford street

Covent garden

A huge Christmas tree and beautiful festive decorations are a part of Covent garden as much as its street performers. Covent garden is always buzzing with life. I still remember how wonderful it was on my first ever visit to London. If you are lucky, you’ll even see snow;)

Covent garden

Christmas tree at Covent garden

Other beautiful Christmas lights locations include Kew gardens, Seven dials, area around and including Leicester square, Winter Wonderland at Hyde park etc. I’ve visited Christmas market at Leicester square and at Trafalgar square. I liked more the smaller Christmas market at Trafalgar square.

Have you ever been to London during the festive season? Which Christmas lights do you like best?

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24 thoughts

  1. Beautiful! I’ve only visited London after Christmas, so the lights were already taken down… 😔 But Mayfair’s blue arches look fantastic; one of these days, I’ll need to return during the holiday season!

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  2. You’ve reminded me that I still have to see some of our lighted streets this year. I was just in Covent Garden this morning and I’ve been to the area around Piccadilly Circus and to Carnaby Street, but not yet to Bond Street or South Molton Street. And I want to get to the South Bank Christmas market and to the Bankside Frost Fair!

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