Life & blog update: November 2022

Peggy Porschen, London Nov 2022

Life & blog update: November 2022….was an amazing month. A month of travel and birthdays. After a couple of stressful months (especially October), November was truly a great month.

My son turned 5 at the beginning of November. We celebrated at home. Of course, he treated his friends at daycare too and he had a joined birthday party at a playroom with his sister. They both had loads of fun. He acted very mature when his younger sister threw a tantrum when he was about to blew out his birthday candles at home. My son has grown both physically and psychologically. He is still my cute boy but he is also a clever boy who is approaching school years too soon. We’ve been playing board games more and more with him and my hubby is very happy that he likes playing them.

Unfortunately, my kids got sick again. It seems like they are sick every month. I hope this changes as they grow older. And my cat got into another fight even though he is neutered so we had to take him to the vet to treat his eye injury.

We took our kids to Slovenia for a day trip. We went to Postojna caves and to Predjama castle with our friends. It was a fun day trip (I’ll blog about it eventually even though I still haven’t blogged about some family day trips from almost two years ago!). The kids loved a tiny train ride in huge Postojna caves which are among the top tourist attractions in Slovenia. They liked exploring the castle too. They especially liked ringing the bell inside the castle.

London! I finally went back to London. I used to visit it every year but I haven’t travelled to London since 2016 (well, I had my son in 2017 and my daughter in 2019 so…). London wasn’t in the cards for this year. I had some tentative plans for a London trip for my 40th birthday next year. However, I had a tough period and a holiday weekend in November so I thought I might take a short trip somewhere. I weighted my options but nothing excited me enough (read expensive plane tickets) but flights to London from Trieste (in Italy but less than two hours from my home) were a proper bargain so I made a quick decision to go to London on my own. I quickly booked hotels and train tickets. I decided to visit Bury St Edmunds too because 14 years ago I did a work experience near Bury. I landed on Friday and stayed at the airport hotel which was quite nice. On Saturday morning I took the train to BSE and spend most of the day there. It was lovely. Like coming home to another home. I arrived in London in the evening and went for a short walk from Covent garden to Piccadilly and Trafalgar square and enjoyed the Christmas lights and decorations. Sunday was such a sunny day that I changed my plans and just walked from the Tower Bridge to the Tate Modern and St Paul’s cathedral. In the evening I finally met in person my lovely blogger friend Emma. We somehow even ended up at the Ritz after our Christmas lights walk and pub dinner;) Monday was rainy but it didn’t matter because I took a train to Kingston upon Thames (still London actually, but not central London, it’s part of the Greater London area). I went there to see the famous red phone boxes sculpture and I came across a lovely Christmas market. My plane back to reality was on Tuesday, very early in the morning so I spend another relaxing evening at Stansted airport hotel. This London trip was a proper food for my soul and such a battery charger, if you know what I mean.

One of my best friends had a birthday at the end of the month. And you know what? We went out dancing. It was fabulous! Such a great ending to an amazing November! How was your November?

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  1. I’m glad to see that November was much better than the busy month of October you had! It’s great that you finally managed to go back to London, especially if some Christmas bits were already there! Here’s to a great December!

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  2. Happy to hear you’re a lot happier! Given that we’re in the holiday season, certainly it ought to be the “most wonderful time of the year~” Glad you had a great time back in London– it must’ve been such a nostalgic trip for you! I have plans to return there next spring, after over seven years since the last visit, and I can’t wait! Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season. 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much will enjoy your London trip too and see so many new skyscrapers in the city. I’m looking forward to your future London posts. I’ll post a couple more too. Happy holidays and may 2023 bring you a lot of joy


  3. So pleased everything went well for your trip and you were able to find flights at a good price. We often use Stansted for that reason even though we live quite a distance from that airport. Coincidentally, I will be visiting Bury St. Edmunds in March, I’ve not been to Suffolk before so it was exciting to read that you had spent time there. Marion x

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