Life & blog update: October 2022

Castle in Čabar, Croatia

Life & blog update: October 2022…was a difficult month. I felt very stressed, exhausted and overstretched. My hubby and I didn’t see eye to eye about a few things and the kids seem to be in a prolonged wild phase. On top of that, my dad ended up in the hospital unexpectedly but it saved his life. He is all right now.

Kids went away for a weekend to a hotel in Istria with their paternal grandparents. They had lots of fun. Unfortunately, that weekend wasn’t as relaxing for me as I’d hoped because I had lots of obligations and it coincided with the time when my dad was at the hospital so I was worried a lot.

We took the kids on a day trip to Čabar, an hour and a half drive from our hometown to attend a celebration of town’s castle’s 371th year anniversary. Kids jumped a lot on bouncy castles and had some free cakes. Then we watched a historical parade (you can see a part of it on my Instagram reels). Kids liked the little girls’ majorette dancing. It was an interesting day out.

Regarding my job, the company has actually moved the office downtown which is better for me but that seems to be the only perk of my job lately. I’ve been struggling to keep my motivation and I’m wondering if I should look for a new job.

We had builders in the house again. We changed the entrance doors and windows. I think we are now done with our place.

Blog wise, I took a trip down a memory lane and shared with you castles & manor houses that I visited in England more than 10 years ago. I’ll do my Christmas posts this year again. I still have some beautiful travel Christmas ornaments and mugs to show you but those posts are scheduled for end of November/beginning of December.

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Happy November!



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22 thoughts

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough month, Tanja. I’m glad your Dad is OK. Worry takes it out of us, doesn’t it? I hope you can get some rest and look forward to brighter days.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your hectic October: I’m with you on the job front, as I struggled to keep my motivation afloat during the long month. I hope you pull through and find happiness as we venture into the holiday season. Have faith!

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  3. It seems like October was far from relaxing for you, and I hope everything will get better in November. I’m also glad to hear that your dad is feeling better. Here’s to a more peaceful November!

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