Life & blog update: September 2022

My rainy princess is now 3 years old

Life & blog update: September 2022… was a birthday’s month but it was also a very tiring month. We had a lot of birthday celebrations in September. A friend’s birthday, birthdays from our kids’ friends and most importantly my daughter’s 3rd birthday.

My daughter joined her older brother this year in older daycare group. This transition was seemingly smooth until one day our son stayed at home sick and I took my daughter to daycare. She was crying so much. I’d never seen her like that. She never cried when she started daycare last year. But when I picked her up that day everything was okay in the end and she said she’d had fun.

I can’t believe my daughter is 3 now. She is no longer a baby nor a toddler but a proper girl. She has had several really big tantrums lately. She is a force of nature in that state, better not come near her until she calms a bit 🙂 My daughter is rather smart and very independent. She has grown so much. I feel like I have already forgotten a lot of my kids’ baby moments. To be honest, parenting is definitely the toughest job I have ever had. It’s like walking on a very high tight rope balancing between failure and success every second.

We had so many birthdays this month that we didn’t go on any day trips. Our son has continued his football practice. He has especially changed a lot in the past year but he’s always been handful. I ought to write a kids’ update post. I did those for my kids’ 6 months (read here and here) and their first birthday (read here and here).

What else? We saw the Wizard of Oz with the kids at the puppet theatre. We’ve also attended an interesting festival where we saw a rather real knight’s duel. So, September was as busy as all the previous months.

September was a proper autumn month in my hometown with lots of rain. Unfortunately, there was also torrential rain and the city center was basically flooded one evening which lead to one death.

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  1. I think that is a perfect analogy for parenthood- that constant tightrope. Three was a fun age with my daughter, but those tantrums were crazy difficult and sometimes would put me to tears to match hers. Being a parent is definitely a tough job but you are doing great 🙂

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  2. Glad you had a lovely September, with the welcome of autumn in the air! Must be hard for you to believe that your daughter is already three years old– isn’t it incredible just how time flies?! Hope you have a wonderful October!

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