Baby update: My baby girl is 6 months old!

My baby girl L. is 6 months old! A blink of an eye and my baby girl changed from an infant to a smiling, babbling baby. She is sweet-tempered and very interested in her surroundings. We love her so much and she definitely knows it.

My baby girl is very friendly to all the people she meets. As long as she’s in my embrace she is content wherever we are or whatever we are doing. A bit less than a month ago we started her on solid food. I mean, so far she has tried carrot, apple, pear and zucchini puree. She likes to eat :). She’s teething for some time now. She likes to grab things and she has recently discovered the joy of throwing things down for mummy to pick them up. 🙂 She can amuse herself with a couple of toys for brief periods of time but her favourite activity so far is to ˝walk˝ around our house (I am walking with her in my arms, of course, and then when I sit she protests immediately).

Everything so far was very different than with my boy. He was the first child and I had to learn how to be a mother (something I’m still learning though). Holding my baby girl, breastfeeding her, changing her diapers, playing with her…it was all something I already knew how to do. There was no drama, no anxiety, everything felt so natural, so easy, unlike the first time. However, there was also less excitement and things just happened without me noticing them immediately. The curse of the second child, you might say. But I think I’m gentler, calmer and more self-assured with her than I was with our boy when he was just a baby.

my sweet baby girl

It’s impossible not to make comparisons between my two children especially since the age gap is just 22 months. That was inevitable from the birth. She was smaller than her brother when he was born. Her sleeping pattern is different than her brother’s was and so is her development so far ( I can’t believe she can sleep through the night!). She’ll do things in her own time and I really shouldn’t compare them too much. Another thing that I’ve caught myself doing is treating my boy as if he was older and treating her as if she was younger. I must stop doing that.

My baby girl L. is especially curious about her big brother and she can’t stop looking at him. Actually, she’s in complete awe of him. 🙂 She probably thinks he’s some kind of a demigod. However, our boy still considers her a nuisance most of the time. But sometimes he gives her kisses and strokes her gently and gives her toys when she drops them. Other times, he smacks her. I’m sure she’ll pay it back in spades when she grows up.

So what has baby L. been up to in the past six months? Well, she got to know her brother quite well and she helped him celebrate his second birthday. My baby girl has attended a couple of other birthdays and family celebrations too. She has visited a few neighbouring towns and places and she went to the beach. Of course, she looked up at the Christmas tree in awe and enjoyed all the nice smells at several Christmas markets. My baby girl celebrated New Year’s with us while her big brother was asleep 🙂 . Unfortunately, she hasn’t travelled abroad yet but that’ll change soon. We are going to take our first day trip abroad soon as  a family of four. Hopefully, we are also going to take a proper trip too but I still haven’t made any concrete plans.


Happy 6 months to my beautiful girl!



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