Life & blog update: February 2020

Life & blog update: February 2020
sometimes all you need to feel better is a cake:)

Life & blog update: February 2020….was a short month, what a surprise! Nevertheless, we managed to have some fun and to meet up with friends. I’m not a very adventurous eater but as I grow older I tend to try more new foods. We went out for Valentine’s Day with friends and I tried sushi for the first time. Now, I’m not a big sea food fan despite living by the sea so I didn’t expect to like sushi but at least I can say now that I have tried it and that I didn’t hate it. 🙂 I liked mochi for dessert though.

My hometown Rijeka is the European capital of culture for 2020 together with Galway in Ireland. Throughout the year there will be many interesting cultural events. The grand opening was on 1st February but we didn’t attend it because it was a bit impractical to be among the crowd in downpour with two small children. Luckily, it was sunny for the children’s carnival parade which we went to see and our boy loved it. He was too young last year to really enjoy it but this year he liked it and we also went to the children’s costumed dance (he wore a tiger costume and our baby girl was a Christmas reindeer).

My baby girl has started to eat solid food. She tried carrot and apple puree and juice. She liked it! She’ll be 6 months old very soon. It’s hard not to compare her to her older brother. He already crawled at this point but she’s going to do it in her own time. We took our boy to the small ski resort yesterday. It was his first time on snow. I expected lots of fun but I got typical toddler behaviour instead. We left our baby girl at the grandparents’ because we wanted to have a special snow date just with him but he didn’t want to try sledging.

I had a couple of rough days this month. Motherhood isn’t just happy children’s smiles and games. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and torn apart which is only natural when you have a baby that completely depends on you and also a small child and a husband who demands your time and attention too. I dream of being completely alone for two days. Just two days:))

Finally, I blogged about the sights and landmarks of San Marino which we visited in 2018 with our boy. So, now I should focus on a couple of other trips from my past which can be turned into useful travel guides posts until we travel again and I have some fresh material to blog about.

What about corona virus? There are a couple of confirmed cases here too but the public hysteria and panic is….you’d think it’s the doomsday! However, it’s made me reassess my travel plans for the time being. After all, I don’t want to be held at the border with two small kids in the car.  So, we’ll go on our first day trip abroad a bit later and I still don’t know where to book for our proper trip. Any ideas?


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