Baby update: V. is 6 months old!

My baby boy V. is already 6 months old. I’ve been meaning to write about him for a while now but I actually don’t know what to write about exactly. Shall I mention his adorable smile? The sleepless nights? How I still don’t believe that I am a mum?

Every day is a new day for him. A day of possibilities and new discoveries. And I get to experience all that with him. That’s the amazing part of being a mum. Exhaustion and being mushy brained and having almost no personal time is the-not-so-great part of the motherhood. But hey, I’ve only been a mum for 6 months 🙂 There’s more joy (and sleepless nights ) to look forward to in the future.

my baby is 6 months old!

Let me tell you a few basics about my baby. V. is a big healthy boy. He’s already 70 cm long and weighs 7.6kg. (when he was born he was 54 cm long and weighed 3.72kg). I still nurse him but since he’s turned 5 months he’s been eating vegetables’ puree once a day and he drinks baby’s juice too. He seems to like it. He’s very active and wiggles all the time. Changing diapers would be a mission impossible for Tom Cruise too. 🙂 He smiles quite often and utters the cutest baby sounds. He’s going to be one talkative baby for sure. I think he’s going to start crawling soon and he’s been teething too. I expect to see his first tooth any day now. He likes baths so I’m sure he’s going to enjoy being in the sea too in the summer. He’s friendly towards strangers and friends, he doesn’t mind being held by others which is a good thing. Since he was born his eyes and hair changed colour several times: he had brown hair and dark blue eyes at birth, then most of his hair fell out and a new blonde hair has grown instead but now his hair is getting darker as well as his eyes. Anyway, he’s a spitting image of me when I was a baby. 🙂

So what has baby V. been up to in the past six months? He went our for the first time when he was 2 weeks old. Since then he’s been to the shopping malls, several Christmas markets, a carnival parade, neighbouring cities and on the island Krk. His first day trip abroad was to Udine, Italy recently. He goes to his grandparents’ house regularly and he’s been to his parents’ friend’s too. He saw his first snow too. And he had his first fever. He’s already experienced his mum’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s and Easter. Now he’s looking forward to his trip to San Marino at the end of the month.

in Udine, Italy


There are many more new adventures for my baby boy V. ahead. And I’m looking forward to them all 🙂



Happy 6 months to my big boy!



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