Monthly blog overview: April 2018

Our first day trip abroad with our baby was to Udine, Italy

April was quite an eventful month. Easter was as usually spent with the family but on Easter Monday we took our baby boy V. to Krk island for the first time. We walked by the sea and came across a giant Easter Egg (check my Instagram account for a photo) and we also saw some locals dancing and singing to some traditional music. That was an unexpected encounter. My aunt and my cousin came to see our baby for the first time and brought gifts. We finally took our planned day trip to Italy with baby V. and it was such a great day. I’ll blog more about our Sunday in lovely Udine but for now you can check my photo post.

What else happened in April? After putting in the new floors in the kitchen and in the both hallways we decided to put them in the living room too. It amazes me how floors can actually transform the look of the entire house. One of my best friends celebrated her birthday so I finally put on some make-up and a dress and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my friends without the baby. We ended the month in the same way as we’d started it, on the island Krk, having a BBQ with friends and enjoying a sunny weekend by the sea.

Unfortunately my cat got quite sick. He’s got a serious case of cat’s flu. But after getting several shots at the vet’s and some antibiotics he’s feeling better slowly.

I’m blogging less and less because I don’t have much time and because I don’t feel inspired since I haven’t really travelled but that’s going to change soon. We’re off to San Marino in May and then there’ll be a couple of more interesting day trips in June. Also, I reached 1,000 followers on my Twitter account. Thanks everyone!:)

What have you done in April? What are your plans for May?


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