April’s Wish List

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We’re off to Udine, Italy today for our first day trip abroad as a family. Yay! Hope all goes well 🙂 We were supposed to have done it earlier but due to different circumstances we just didn’t manage to go (e.g. bad weather, sickness, home renovation etc). So, this is my April’s Wish List:

Less stress, more play: I need some more downtime and less of self-imposed obligations.

Stop the time: I can’t believe my baby boy’s almost 6 months old! I’m already forgetting how he was as a newborn.

Exercise: Nursing is the best diet so I don’t need to exercise to loose pregnancy weight cause I’m already thinner than I was when I got pregnant (hello no sleep) but I need to get firmer.

New blog theme: I’m still using Lovecraft blog theme although I’ve wanted to change it for a while now but I just don’t know what to choose.

What’s on your April’s Wish List?


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  1. Oh my, I’m jealous of you slimming down! I wasn’t able to nurse the twins so no diet for me 😦 While I didn’t gain any extra weight during my pregnancy, the twins were over 3 kg each and my stomach was enormous. After birth, it never went away! And now I weigh more than before! No downtime for me, and no chance for any downtime really. No plans to travel either, too exhausted! 😀 Looking forward to seeing what Udine is like in your upcoming posts (hope you write about your trip!) Have fun and enjoy!

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    1. Thanks:) I’ll post about Udine. I don’t know really I guess I have one of those metabolisms cause I’m hungry all the time now and eat a lot and yet I lost weight 🙂

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  2. Hope you enjoyed Udine! Are you putting up some pics? My wishlist is for it to stop raining and being so grey in Ireland. A SUMMER of some sort would be nice – I suppose I’ll just have to leave the country to resolve that one.

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