4 Countries You’ll Want To Visit Again and Again

Climbing aboard an aircraft and jetting off to a new vacation spot is a thrill unlike any other. You sit back in your seat, imagining the delights that await you, and all the sights and sounds you’re going to experience for the first time. Visiting new places can make you feel like a true explorer, plotting your course around the globe and ticking off countries from your “places to visit” list. 

As wonderful as the above is, there are some countries that demand more. One visit just isn’t enough; as much as you want to venture forth to new countries, you find your mind constantly returning to a country you have visited before. One stay wasn’t enough; you want to go back, time and time again, and immerse yourself in a corner of the world so perfect that you could visit a thousand times and never get bored.

The countries that are capable of inspiring return visits are rare, but when you find one, you’ll be guaranteed a lifetime full of wonderful vacations. Of course, you’ll visit other places too, but some countries find a place in your soul that you just can’t shake. Below are four such countries that, for different reasons, have the power to keep pulling travellers back time and time again…



Iceland is such a small country that it may seem like repeated visits are unnecessary, even when you consider the fact the landmass is continually growing. Is there really enough to experience in Iceland to warrant repeat visits? The simple answer is: yes. Iceland is a fascinating, geologically active country that is always changing. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to experience something new with every visit, but always be promised a relaxing, tranquil experience that allows you to marvel at all the wonders of the earth itself.

The ultimate must-see for Iceland: The Blue Lagoon is a truly incredible experience, and one you will find no issue with returning to time and time again. This geothermal spa is adored by thousands of visitors every year, and no matter how many times you do it, enjoying the naturally warm water juxtaposed with the cold air will never grow dull. What’s more, the Blue Lagoon is thought to have therapeutic properties, making repeated trips an excellent idea particularly if you suffer from a skin condition.




For lovers of bustling cities, markets, and beautiful ancient monuments, there’s nowhere quite like Singapore. This thriving country may only be small in size, but it’s rich in terms of culture and experiences for the eager explorer. Singapore has established a reputation as the kind of country that caters to all travellers, from the business élite to the backpacking masses, there’s so much to see and do in this country that one — or 10! — visits will never be enough. Why not give it a try for yourself; who knows, you might fall so in love with this enchanting that buying a Singapore condominium holiday home is in your future!

The ultimate must-see for Singapore: A night-tour of Singapore is an absolute must, and it’s a trip you can take repeatedly and still find dazzling every single time. Seeing the famous skyline from the water is a particular highlight you’re going to want to try, though exploring on foot can be just as rewarding.




Italy is a country of huge variation. From the high-end wonders of Milan to the old-world charm of Pisa, there’s something for every kind of traveller in this ancient country. If you’re a culture vulture, Italy’s dedication to the preservation of the past is something you will never tire of. If you prefer to explore more upbeat and on-trend areas, then Italy’s dedication to a forward-focus in its cities will also bring endless delights. Italy is one of the most fascinating countries on the face of the earth, and it effectively demands repeat visits so you can soak up all the sights and sounds.

The ultimate must-see for Italy: Choosing a single activity for Italy is incredibly difficult, but it’s impossible to overlook the haunting experience that is a day-trip to Pompeii. The ancient city fell victim to a volcanic eruption over 2,000 years ago, and Pompeii as it is now is an incredible experience of a city frozen in time. No matter how many times you visit Pompeii, you will learn something new about the disaster — and perhaps even yourself — each time.




Australia is a country of extremes. It’s a country of extreme temperatures, extreme experiences, and extreme wildlife. As a result, it’s a country that is always going to have something new and exciting to offer you. If you’re looking for a wilderness experience, then the outback can deliver, while the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne will always delight those looking for a city break with a difference. Given the vast size of Australia and the myriad experiences it can offer to visitors, it’s easy to see why so many travellers find their way back to the country on repeat occasions.

The ultimate must-see for Australia: If you have a head for heights, then one experience that will offer continual thrills is climbing the Sydney harbour bridge. You’ll be able to enjoy truly stunning views of the entire harbour itself, while challenging yourself on a physical and mental level. Given how spectacular the view is, this is a climbing feat you’ll be happy to indulge over and over again.


In conclusion

Experiencing the new and wonderful that the world has to offer will always be a thrill, but there’s nothing quite like returning to a beloved country for the umpteenth time. Thousands of travellers have sampled the countries above and found that a single vacation just isn’t enough; if you’ve never visited these destinations, they’re definitely worth considering when you’re planning your next trip.

Have you found a country that you want to return to time and time again?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

7 thoughts

  1. Italy is definitely the country we always come back to. And Germany (probably because I grew up there, lol ). But Iceland has been on our list for a while and I hope to get there soon.

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  2. I totally agree on the thrill of course of new countries, nothing quite like that and yet those countries that draw us back. If I had to choose our own four, they would be:

    Viet Nam

    Very different from yours. I must say we are intrigued by visiting Iceland!!


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  3. Australia is still on our list, as well as Iceland but to be honest for both us from best regards from far, there is one country in the world where we keep returning to: South Africa. We have fallen in love with the stunning beauty, diverse landscapes, hospitality, flora and fauna. It feels that it has a bit of the whole world in one country! Have you been there yet or have you considered traveling there? Marcella

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