Baby update: V. is 1 year old!

My baby boy is 1. Let me repeat this : My baby boy V. is 1-year-old! No, I still don’t believe it. That means that I’ve been a mum for a year too. Wow! That also sounds unbelievable. And yes, my baby calls me mummy but only occasionally. He’s too busy running around the house chasing the cat. Poor cat! He spends a lot of time high up on the cupboards out of our baby’s reach.

V. is a strong, big boy. He’s 78 cm tall and weighs exactly 10 kg. He still loves to be carried around which is sometimes quite painful for my ageing back. He likes to cuddle a lot! V. is such a cheerful boy. Very determined and very persistent too. Prefers to play with things that aren’t baby toys. He walks. He carries things. He pushes furniture. He climbs the sofa. He makes all sorts of loud noises but he doesn’t talk (he just says mama). He’s got 7 teeth now and likes to chew on all sorts of forbidden things. He smiles when you say sternly NO, and just continues to do whatever he isn’t allowed to do until you move him. He’s fearless. He rarely cries. He doesn’t like changing diapers or getting undressed for bed. He eats a lot of different foods but I still nurse him. He loves spending time with his grandparents. He enjoys being out. He is a proper water baby, in the bathtub and in the sea. He likes playing with the ball. He has travelled. He’s been to Italy several times. He discovered San Marino. He’s visited a lot of towns in Croatia.

My baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a toddler now. Such a word doesn’t exist in Croatian language but it’s a perfect word for what he is right now. His character and personality traits are slowly starting to show. He discovers the world around him with each step he takes. And he charms everyone he meets with his adorable smile and big dark eyes with very long lashes. He’s a wonderful child indeed.

What’s my favourite thing about my boy? His happy disposition. And the look on his face when he examines something closely. He’s so cute at that moment that I just can’t describe it. It’s beyond words. And my love for him is beyond words. He knows that.


We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with family. He had two birthday cakes and he received a lot of presents. But he preferred playing with his cousins to opening presents. I think he enjoyed his first birthday very much. He won’t remember it but we’ve got plenty of photos to show him when he grows up. 🙂

My birthday wishes for my boy: Be  Happy. Stay Healthy. Have an Open Mind. Be Kind and Respectful. Listen carefully to others. Make your own decisions. Read books. Play sports. Spend time in the nature. But also play board games. Dance. Travel. Kiss. Love. Live!



Happy birthday to my boy! Dream big, my child!


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