12 MONTHS & 12 PHOTOS (2018)

Another year and another edition of my 12 months & 12 photos post:) A photo for each month of the year. Of course, the main person of the entire year was/is my baby boy V. but as you can see below I didn’t just put photos of my baby:) We took a couple of interesting trips in 2018 and even though I haven’t blogged yet about them all at least you can see some nice photos:) You can check the posts for 2017 and 2016 too if you wish so:)


This was my 2018 in 12 photos:


My baby boy V. was two months old in this photo. I can’t believe he’s 13 months old now!!


This is a photo from the International Carnival Parade in Rijeka, Croatia.

Carnival parade in Rijeka 2018


It’s very rare to snow in my seaside hometown but this year it snowed on 1 March! The snow stayed on the ground only for a few hours but it was nice while it lasted.


We took our first day trip abroad with the baby in April. We explored Udine in Italy. It was a rather pleasant day trip and yes, I actually blogged about it.

Udine, Italy


We went on a road trip to the Republic of San Marino and explored its capital the City of San Marino. We totally fell in love with this small medieval-looking town. We also visited towns Imola and Rimini in Italy. I still haven’t properly blogged about San Marino. You can check these two posts though here and here about San Marino.

in San Marino, May 2018


We had some family obligations in Trieste, Italy so we used wisely our free time and checked out the gorgeous Miramare Castle.


We spent most of the summer at the beaches of island Krk in Croatia. Baby V. loved the sea!

beach on island Krk, Croatia


We managed to drag ourselves from our local beach and actually saw a couple of other places too, like Baška in this picture below, and Krk town (both on the island Krk) and Fužine in Gorski kotar (forest region of Croatia).

Baška, Croatia


It was time to explore another castle! We visited Veliki Tabor Castle in Zagorje region of Croatia.

courtyard of Veliki Tabor Castle


I went back to work in September. My other job involves travel so in October I went to Ferrara in Italy on a work trip. It was the first time that I was away from my baby.


Last month we celebrated our baby’s first birthday! Our boy is such a cheerful child.


A month of festivities…


So, that was my 2018 in 12 photos🙂 What about your 2018? How was it? Where did you travel?



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