Life & blog update: December 2018

Belvedere Castle in Vienna; I was in Vienna on a work trip

Life and blog update December 2018: As usually on December 1 I opened my chocolate advent calendar. This year I got an expensive one from Lindt 🙂 Last year we celebrated first Christmas with our baby boy V. and took him to the Christmas markets for the first time. It was also quite easy to just put him under the Christmas tree and take Christmas photos. However, this year it was quite another thing to try to take photos of my baby boy wearing his elf costume..

Of course, we participated in several Christmas events in December. We went to the Christmas markets in Rijeka and to Trsat castle. The Christmas lights were really spectacular this year. My husband and I attended the New Year’s Concert at the National Theater. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a number of years and I finally ticked it off my bucket list this year!

We haven’t been to island Krk since summer so we went there one weekend just for a seaside stroll. It’s quite different to experience tourist villages in winter than in summer.

I was quite busy last month, traveling for work often. It snowed when I was in Vienna:) And I finally went to the Christmas Market at the University of Wien (Altes AKH ) which is the only Christmas market I haven’t visited in Vienna previously. If you haven’t been to Vienna, do visit (you can check my archives for old posts for inspiration). I was in Florence on the last day of 2018. I like Florence but it’s not my favorite Italian town.

I was lucky in more ways than one in December. I won the giveaway at A Lady in London blog and got two beautiful London Christmas decorations. Thanks! I was approached by Galen Leather & Co and got a leather travel journal (review coming soon). I finally opened my Quaintly & Co Christmas British Box! It contained all sorts of lovely goodies (two small mince pies, Christmas cracker, London calendar, bracelet, etc).

My best friend got home for holidays all the way from China. It was great to see her and to spend some quality time with my group of besties. 🙂

My baby boy V. has finally started to sleep all nigh long. Yes!! All through the night without waking up. We’ve had a few play dates with another boy just a few months older than him. They were so cute together! I took my boy on the kiddie’s Christmas train and he went on the carousel for the first time too. I was afraid he would take down the Christmas tree this year but he behaved really well and just occasionally touched it until today. He unplugged the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree today! He’s 14 months old today 🙂

How was your December?


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Have a great January!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Congratulations on your second Christmas with your baby. I love your photos. You are proof that travel still happens with children just as we are proof that it still happens with pets. Our December was great! We had family over for Christmas dinner. Then, celebrated the upcoming New Year with lovely friends. I wish you a wonderful 2019!! ~Patty

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