2018 on the Red Phone Box travels

San Marino
San Marino

2018 on the Red Phone Box travels was an interesting year. 2017 was a year that I got pregnant and didn’t really travel. In 2018 we travelled for the first time as a family with our baby boy. Nevertheless, there was a significant decrease in the number of proper travel posts but this is still a travel blog. Of course, my main focus was/is my baby boy V. who’s now 14 months old. He’s my excuse for the lack of motivation to write about my travels. However, my baby has already travelled a fair bit. I’m not an expat so there was really no need for long-haul flights to visit the family but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to travel with my baby. We just did it differently.

in San Marino in May 2018

We took several day trips in Croatia. The most memorable one was when we pretended to be the lords of the Veliki Tabor castle. We’ve also had a couple of international day trips. We absolutely fell in love with Udine. We went on a road trip to tiny, independent Republic of San Marino and visited two Italian cities too. I got back to work in the autumn and I’ve also travelled for work. Honestly, the fact that I didn’t stop blogging is an achievement in its own. It’s difficult to handle a baby and to do all the usual chores and still maintain some degree of sanity and blog on top of that (and work! Ok, I work part-time :)).

I still haven’t blogged about all of our adventures from 2018. I kept you up to date through my life&blog monthly updates and I published a few baby posts:) Hopefully, I’ll manage to write about all of our adventures in San Marino soon. I’d like to write more about Croatia too. We’ve had some travel plans for this year but things have changed now. However, I still think that we’ll be able to take our first independent trip this year (without our baby). Where to, you might ask? I have no idea. I haven’t booked anything yet and the plan is to travel in April!?:) Keep your fingers crossed that we actually go somewhere. Anywhere! With and without our son!

Miramare Castle, Italy


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  1. Happy New Year! We’re sure life changes so much once you become a parent, but it’s great that you’re still getting out to see the world and soon you can share the fascination with a mini you! Congratulations.

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