My quirky London moments

Over the past 11 years and my numerous visits to London I’ve seen and done more or less all the major touristy things. I’m a creature of habits when it comes to London so no trip to London is complete without seeing some of my old favourites such as Big Ben and the Tower of London or having a drink in my favourite pub in Bayswater. However, London always surprises me with something new, be it a new free attraction or a starry encounter.

So, here’s a list of my quirky London moments

-almost bumping into actors Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson in the same day whilst wandering through Hampstead

-pretending to be in a Harry Potter movie at 9 3/4 platform at King’s Cross Station

-trying to find the London stone in the City Of London

-having my photo taken with Peter Pan in the Hyde Park

-searching for film locations from the Notting Hill film (the bookstore and Kenwood House among others)

Kenwood house, London

-talking to Mr Watson at Sherlock Holmes museum

-receiving a certificate for climbing the Monument

-asking the Paddington bear for the directions at Paddington station

Paddington bear, London

-crossing over the River Thames in the cable car

-getting a preview of the new British pounds at the Bank of England museum

-seeing the Tower bridge open up to let the ship pass under

-walking on the glass floor of the Tower Bridge

-having a cold drink at the ice-bar

-enjoying free views of London from the highest garden in the city

Sky garden, London

-being chased by a squirrel in Kensington gardens

-getting asked Are you a tourist guide? when I sheltered off the rain under the Wellington Arch

-dancing the night away from the club with the gorgeous view of Big Ben

This isn’t the complete list because some moments are so special that I don’t want to share them..

Cheers to many more London moments, ordinary or extraordinary! 🙂

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24 thoughts

  1. I loved your post! It’s so great to notice (and remember!) all the small things that make your experience memorable and unique! London is definitely one of my favourite cities, I have amazing memories of Christmas time in London! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Such an amazing post. I love being Londoner, and just a few weeks back I was discussing with friends the spots in London that I love. This post made me smile. Such a wonderful post on London and I would so love to know more about being chased by squirrels. #farawayfiles

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  3. I love your blog posts about London, Tanja. Your love for London just shines through and I still chuckle every time I think about your description of nearly bumping into Rowan Atkinson and Emma Thompson. I think I’d like to hear the story of the squirrel chasing you and how you came to ask Paddington for directions! Lovely share for #FarawayFiles

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  4. I really like the concept of that highest garden in the city. We recently spent two days in London en route to Sri Lanka from the U.S. where we were visiting with family. It was my first time since I was there at age 20 en route to moving to America! We just had a short layover and spent it in Notting Hill where we had a home exchange, ie free, and it was very pleasant. We particularly enjoyed Kensington Gardens.


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