Life & blog update: June 2018

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And just like that we’re entering the second half of 2018. What has happened in June? A lot. We took baby V. to the beach for the first time. He loved playing with the pebbles at the beach and he absolutely loved the sea. He’s going to be a proper sea baby! Other baby news are that he’s got two teeth now and that he’s already standing. He’s been crawling everywhere and only a few days after he sat for the first time he started to push himself upright to stand. It’s funny to see him standing in his baby bed in the morning.

I went to the cinema for the first time since giving birth. We watched Solo: A Star Wars  Story film and even though I didn’t like the film very much I enjoyed being in the cinema after so long. My best friend returned home for holidays from China so there’s been a few proper grown up outings. Yay!

You might have seen a couple of photos from Miramare Castle ( Trieste, Italy ) on my Instagram account and a photo post here on the blog. We had to attend to some family business in Trieste so we popped over to the castle. I’ve blogged about Rimini, the last stop of our San Marino road trip but I still haven’t had enough time or inspiration to write in detail about our visit to beautiful San Marino. After a long time I published a post about London remembering some of my quirky adventures in my beloved city. Honestly, I don’t know when I’ll go to London again.

Trieste wasn’t the only day trip we took this month. Apart from spending almost every weekend on Krk island we also went to Poreč, a gorgeous town in Istria for a con. That was our baby’s first Sf&fantasy&games convention! My husband’s crazy about board games and he volunteers at a lot of cons in Croatia. He’s even asked me several times to blog about board games here 🙂

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