Life & blog update: July 2018

July was a slower month than June. Or at least it felt like that. Beyond exhausted would be the proper description of how I felt feel. There were beach weekends and friends coming over and my husband’s birthday. All fun things indeed!

Baby V. is doing great. He’s such an outgoing boy. He’s started to notice other babies and children and he’s so serious when he looks at them. He’s standing all the time and he’s even made a few side way steps whilst holding to a chair.

Of course, I have to mention Croatia’s second place at World Cup. That’s a huge success. We’re such a tiny country and yet we won third place twenty years ago and now second place. Who knows, maybe we actually win the title in another twenty years!:) I must say I found all that English media buzz #itscominghome a bit annoying because it felt like they were not giving proper credit at all to their rivals. #sorrybutnotsorry we were better 🙂 There was a huge welcome home gathering in Zagreb for the football team. However, it’d be better if people actually gathered in such numbers to fight for their rights and not just to celebrate their national team.

I wasn’t very active on my blog. I actually upgraded my account from personal to premium but I still haven’t chosen a new blog theme/look. Maybe I’ll find more energy to deal with my blog when the weather cools down.

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13 thoughts

  1. Oh my goodness, babies grow so quickly that first year (and I’m sure every year after!)! I can’t believe your baby boy is already standing and sideways stepping! I’m looking forward to getting back into a rhythm of reading and writing blog posts, so I’ll be sure to follow along with whatever you have to share in August. Happy Wednesday!

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      1. Banana does not love how Carson takes away almost all of our attention from him, but he mostly just ignores the baby. I’m glad he hasn’t taken any frustration out on the baby yet, but I’m nervous for when Carson starts trying to touch Banana. I guess I will worry about that when the time comes. How about yours?

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      2. My cat ignored the baby too. The baby’s crazy about the cat though.. Wants to touch him all the time.. Crawls after him and the cat runs away..


  2. All looking and sounding good, Tanya! And, though it would obviously have been nicer if England had won 🙂 I do agree with you about the ‘coming home’ rubbish; it’s silly. One very positive aspect to it was that it drew people of all races/creeds together – always a good thing but even more so when there is such division over Brexit. It even got some support from some in Wales and Scotland! That said – well done Croatia – and France!

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