WPC: I’d rather be… somewhere warm

Menton, France

It’s been a while since I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is I’d rather be..  I’m really fed up with this freakish weather here. It’s either raining or it’s freezing. So, I’d rather be somewhere warm and sunny. Like in Australia. Since I haven’t been there I’m posting a photo from Menton, France because I miss my work trips to South of France..

Via Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…


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12 thoughts

  1. Weather is quite nice except the flooding in Cairns it would be mozzie central there are present


  2. Lovely warm photo from your trip to France. Here in Australia it’s Autumn but we are still having quite a bit of warm weather. Not that I am complaining but wish I could share some of it with you 🙂 Hope you get warmer weather soon and it’s another day closer to Summer for you 🙂

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