March’s Wish List

longing for spring and summer to come: this is Opatija in Croatia

What a dreary month. As I’m writing this I’m suffering from a cold but even worse my baby’s got it too! It breaks my heart to see him sick. So this is my March’s Wish List:

GOOD HEALTH I wish for the good health for my baby. It frightened me when I saw that he had high temperature. I know there are many children and babies out there with serious illnesses and I’m complaining here about a cold but my baby’s only four and half months old and this is the first time that he’s been sick.

SUNNY AND WARM DAYS It snowed here on 1st of March! Can you believe it?! And it’s still very cold. I wish for the spring to finally come.

LESS WORK for my husband I hardly see my husband these days. I feel like our baby sees more often his grandparents than his father!

DAY TRIP We still haven’t taken our day trip to Italy because of crazy weather. So I’m hoping to do it after Easter. Our big trip is at the end of May. Where are we going on our first family trip? Check my Instagram account to find out.

What’s on your March’s Wish List?


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