Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna

Imperial Carriage Museum, Vienna

Imperial Carriage Museum is located in the park of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. If you have visited Schönbrunn Palace and have already eaten something at the Christmas market in front of the palace you can enjoy some peace and quiet in this museum. I visited Imperial Carriage Museum in December in 2015. Recently the museum has been renovated so there might be some changes and differences from the time of my visit. To find out more about the ticket prices and all the other vital information click here.

What can you see at the Imperial Carriage Museum?

Well, you can see beautiful carriages used by the Viennese court and the royal family (Habsurg). You can see the splendid coronation carriage and a black hearse used for the funerals of Emperor Franz Joseph (1916) and Empress Elisabeth (1898). There are also children’s carriages, sport, leisure and travel carriages. But that’s not all. There’s also Sissi’s path-a part of the museum dedicated to Sissi’s life and her travels.

My visit

The museum was almost empty when I stepped inside to get away from the crowds and the cold. I’ve been several times to Vienna and since I’ve previously visited Schönbrunn Palace and walked around the park I decided to check out this museum. The number of carriages on display surprised me since I expected to see just a few. There were information panels about all the carriages and royal clothes that you can see too but no interactive elements. It’s definitely not the best museum I’ve ever visited in Vienna but it’s a good place to spend some time.  It was interesting to see the royal car too among all the carriages.

Imperial carriage Museum in ViennaImperial Carriage Museum ViennaImperial Carriage Museum, Vienna

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32 thoughts

  1. Can you walk from the Schonbrunn Palace (tour) to the Carriage Museum? Not certain we will have time, so can I wait and purchase the ticket at the Museum? We will have tickets for the Palace tour. I have the same questions about the Maze. Can you answer those also

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    1. Yes, you can walk from the Palace to the carriage museum. It’s just about 100m from the Palace. The maze is a bit further away. The tickets for the carriage museum can be bought at the museum without wait time.


  2. These carriages are really something, Tanja, and they do remind me so much of the wonderful Royal Mews in London. Great suggestion for Vienna. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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  3. The gold carriage is exactly how I imagine Cinderella’s carriage before it turns back into a pumpkin! Thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles

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  4. That looks fascinating, we went to Vienna a couple of years ago and loved it but i don’t known there was a carriage museum. #citytripping

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  5. I love these types of museums. This one certainly has a great collection of carriages and some very interesting looking ones. I would love to visit this palace someday soon. This carriage museum reminds me a lot of ones we’ve visited in Munich and Lisbon.

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  6. What an interesting place! They have a Coach Museum in Lisbon too but I didn’t have the chance to go to it. Will definitely keep this in mind when I make it to Vienna. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

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  7. Those carriages look wonderful! Carriage museum is one of the few places in Vienna that I haven’t visited. One more reason to go back there soon 🙂


  8. For the first time in over 15 years, I’m returning to Vienna for a week-long stay this spring. My interests have changed over the last decade and a half, which means my plans for the city are extensive. I’ve also been reading through some of your Vienna posts. 🙂

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