Life & blog update: January 2019

Lucca, Italy
Lucca in Italy, I’ll blog about it eventually

Life and blog update January 2019..Yes, It’s already 2019! I was in Tuscany for New Year’s but I probably won’t blog about it because that was a work trip and because there are already several Tuscany blog posts here on my blog (you can check posts about Florence here and here and about Pisa here if you want). If I look back at January actually nothing much has happened except from…. well, you’ll find all about it later on;)

My husband went on his skiing trip with his mates to Austria and my baby boy toddler and I had wild parties! Just kidding! My boy has grown so much recently. Probably, because he’s eating all the time! He seems to have an appetite of a wolf or a bear but he’s running everywhere all the time so he definitely spends all those calories. He likes playing with his Lego duplo toys too. Recently, my boy spent the night at his grandparent’s. And he was fine!

I’ve sort of made some travel plans but we’ll see. To be honest, I’m a bit lazy or indecisive to make the actual bookings for flights and hotels and the time is running out. On another note, we’re renovating the whole bathroom so we’ll have to move out during the construction works which means that I probably won’t have the time/energy/incentive/opportunity for blogging. As if I need another excuse not to blog! Sorry, I promise to blog about my travels more when the spring comes!:)

What have you done in January? Are you going on any trips soon? 


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Have a great February!





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