Life & Blog update: November 2018

November. A year ago my son was born. And this November we celebrated his first birthday! And our first birthday of being the parents:) It was a low-key family celebration and most importantly our baby V. enjoyed himself very much. We attended another baby’s birthday this month and that was a lot of fun too. Also, we met for the first time a baby girl of my husband’s friend. So, it was a month of babies:)

As usually, there were a number of gaming nights (board games!) and outings with friends. I even managed to go to the cinema and saw the Fantastic Beasts 2. Loved it! For the first time in months my husband and I went on a date without the baby. There’s a new Irish pub in town and we love going there.

I don’t know about you but this year I’ve already done a part of my Christmas shopping. I’ve decided to treat myself with a Hallmark Christmas movies watching shirt (seriously!) and with a Quaintly & Co Christmas British Box which has already arrived and I still haven’t opened it (#notsponsored). So, you see Santa, I am good! Of course, I also purchased an Advent chocolate calendar. This year I got a really big luxurious Lindt chocolates advent calendar.

I went on a free walking tour of my hometown one Sunday. We got to see amazing frescoes in a chapel which usually isn’t open to visitors. And our plan for this weekend is to visit the Christmas markets! I’ll be away for work often in December (Vienna) so I probably won’t get the chance to completely soak in the Christmas atmosphere this year in my town. On the other hand, I’ll be drinking mulled wine at a Christmas market in Vienna after work!


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How was your November?

Have a great December!





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  1. My November was great – it started in San Francisco and finished up in Sydney! I have always wanted to go to Vienna – have a mulled wine for me! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy – I hope one is fun – he looks like such a happy chappie! We have advent calendars too but they are fabric and we fill them with our favourite sweets. I brought back loads of English sweets with me when I was there earlier this year so this year’s calendars are the best of British!

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