12 months & 12 photos-2020

12 months & 12 photos blog post has become a tradition on my blog. You can check the posts for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 if you want to. It’s very simple: one photo for each month of the year. A photo that represents my travels and/or my life of each month of the past year.

2020 was a very different year for all of us. A tough year, in many ways. And it’s still tough because many of us are still in a tighter or lesser lockdown. I’ve struggled a lot this year and this pandemic wasn’t the only culprit for my low spirit. I have no idea what 2021 brings but there were also plenty of good moments in 2020. If you just look at the photos I’ve chosen you’d think I’ve had a great year. But that’s because the photos below are highlights of the past months. We never capture sad moments with the camera, do we? Anyway, let’s look at some of the bright moments of 2020.

My 2020 in 12 photos:


We had a great New Year’s Eve party with some friends. The rest of the month was boring and we spent it mostly indoors. The photo below shows our rare outing in January because the kids were sick often.

Life & blog update: January 2020
Kostrena, Croatia


It snowed near my hometown at the very end of February. So, we took our son sledging. He didn’t enjoy himself much but at least we tried. I can’t believe that we had a fun Valentine’s Day double date dinner night. It feels surreal now that we managed to go a restaurant.

Platak, Croatia


A normal month at the beginning and then…corona virus spreads, lockdown, earthquake in Zagreb…my cat below..

my cat


The dullest month ever…no trips this April…just at home.…I really cannot say anything nice about March or April…But my baby girl just continued to grow, develop and flourish through all this…

Corona virus in Croatia & our life in lock-down
Rijeka, Croatia


Our first day trip after lockdown was to visit the smallest town in the world-Hum in Istria, Croatia. I have yet to blog about it. It was a great day trip.

Hum, Croatia


We’ve visited the ZOO in Zagreb with some friends. It was a fun day trip. My son finally got back to the daycare after being at home for almost two months.

Zagreb ZOO


Cowboys & Winnetou in Croatia? Yess! You can read all about our fun day trip to the Cowboy village here. Summer days, beach, friends….

Family day out: Cowboy village Roswell in Croatia
Roswell, Gorski kotar, Croatia


We love exploring castles so when I heard about this mediaeval theme park I knew we had to visit it with our son (we’re taking our daughter there the next year). We had a pretty good summer actually.

Medieval Theme Park San Michael
Medieval Theme Park San Michael Istria , Croatia


My beautiful daughter turned 1 in September! My husband and I have also managed to elope for a weekend away staying at the castle hotel and exploring the area. September was the best month of 2020.

Baby update: L. is 1 year old!
my daughter L.


Sometimes you think you know a place you’ve visited so many times well…and then you discover something new, like a path from which I took this photo of a ruined church in Kastav. For some reason my blog traffic has increased significantly from October.

Kastav, Croatia


My wilful and stubborn son turned 3 in November and lost one of his teeth just a few days before his third birthday. And my daughter started to walk on her own! And by the end of the month everything changed again…another lockdown….

Life & blog update: November 2020
my son V.


This is one of the photos from our family Christmas photo shoot. And we did it actually on my 37th birthday. I was actually in great mood in the first half of the month and then, well…it’s 2020, what did I expect? ?

my family

That was my 2020 in 12 photos:)

What about your 2020? How was it?

Let’s hope that 2021 brings an end to this pandemic and that we can all hug & kiss freely our family & friends. And travel! 🙂



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18 thoughts

  1. Such a cute family! I love the idea of summing up the year through pictures. It surely has been an out-of-the-ordinary one, but hopefully it will stay this way! Have a great holiday and an amazing New Year! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So cute!!!!! 😍 It’s been hard with small kids this year, coz they need so much and are missing out on those magical childhood moments… let’s hope things will change for the better soon.

    (Still, I feel anxious about climate change, which you can already see here with our snowless winters and for example growing rat problems – yes rats- I bet they are loving the milder winters… and also very anxious about kids being bullied at school, outside of school and online. Teen violence has gotten brutal over here… Is this what being a mum is actually about? Being constantly anxious? Do some mums manage to be optimistic about their kids’ future on this dying planet? Sorry I hijacked your comment space, your post was so sweet and here I am rambing!!!) 🤪

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a lovely idea to share 12 photos of the 12 months passed! Never thought about it, but I do like the thought of it…I think many of us are in the same boat, with similar experiences in 2020 (i.e. normalcy for the first three months, then lockdown/idleness for the rest of the year), but it also goes to show we’re not alone! I’ll be recapping my 2020 year in January, so look out for that post! Enjoy your holidays safely with your family!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Rebecca. I’ll do a recap post for blog too, how my blog did in 2020, and maybe a personal recap as well. this is just a sort of photography recap:)) Hope you have a great 2021!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s been an unbelievably challenging year, nothing we’ve ever seen. i have some hope that next year will be better. And travel…I hope it’s possible, too, but right now I don’t see it happening for us anytime soon…

    Liked by 1 person

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