12 months & 12 photos (2021)

12 months & 12 photos blog post has become a tradition on my blog. I first published it in 2016. You can check the posts for 2017, 20182019 and 2020 if you want. It’s very simple: one photo for each month of the year. A photo that represents my travels and/or my life of each month of the past year.

2021 was an eventful year. A year of new beginnings for me and my family. I got a new job. Then, I changed my job again. My husband had a major breakthrough in his hobby and turned it into a new career. In 2021 we went on family day trips abroad. I visited my best friend in Germany. Kids grew and changed and thrived. My daughter started daycare. We also had ups& downs and went through many children’s illnesses and had to change our plans all the time. Covid-19 influenced our lives a lot in 2021 but it wasn’t like in 2020. We got vaccinated. Actually, 2021 was a year of personal successes. A great year in many ways but it has left us exhausted. You can read a more detailed account of each past month in my daily life & blog update posts.

Here we are again, looking forward to another year. But it’ll be another year of life with coronavirus around us and all the restrictions that come with it. Let’s hope 2022 is a year we finally put coronavirus behind us.

Anyway, let’s look at some of the bright moments of 2021.

My 2021 in 12 photos:


January is usually a quiet month after all the excitement of December. I got a new job in January. It wasn’t just a new job, it was a complete change of career. I stayed at that job for 6 months and then went on to something more suitable for me after all.

Life & blog update: January 2021
Kostrena, Croatia


I spent 2 weeks in Split on a job training at the end of February/beginning of March. It also gave me an opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing in Split. It was also a kind of a break from daily life. But I missed my kids a lot.

12 photos to inspire You to visit Split
Split, Croatia


As I wrote above, I spent some time in Split because of my new job. The main focus of February and March was just on work. I also visited Omiš, near Split in March.

Life & blog update: March 2021
Omiš, near Split in Croatia


We had to spend Easter alone and not with the rest of the family because of coronavirus. The region I live in also went into semi-lockdown. But we had a lovely day trip to dinosaurs theme park near Poreč (Croatia) with our kids. They really enjoyed it and I have yet to blog about it.

My kids inside dinosaurs eggs in a theme park near Poreč, Istria, Croatia


May was another busy month. It was work, work and work and then at the weekends we tried to spend as much time as possible outside with the kids. My son rode his bike and my daughter was on a scooter. I got a new job too but switched to that job later in the year. My son had his tonsillectomy in May. We finally saw some friends and family after almost a year.

my kids in Njivice, Croatia


June is the beginning of summer in Croatia. We spend weekends at island Krk throughout the summer. We went to Food truck festival which was pricey but fun.

sumemr fun for my kids in Njivice, Croatia


More summer fun for the kids and us. I got my second jab in July.

Njivice, Croatia


August was quite an eventful month. I changed my job and had short holidays. My husband and I eloped for a long weekend to a spa. It was very relaxing. We also visited castle Empirej. At the end of the month we went to Italy with the kids. It was my daughter’s first trip abroad. Cividale del Friuli is a charming little town and an UNESCO site. I have yet to blog about it. My first blog post was six years ago.

Cividale del Friuli, near Udine,Italy


My daughter started daycare. We celebrated her 2nd birthday. My son went to the cinema for the first time to see Paw patrol cartoon movie. We attended beer craft festival at Grobnik castle pictured below.

Kastav, Croatia


We managed to go to another family day trip. This time we went to Prem castle in Slovenia. I have yet to blog about it. At the end of the month I flew to Germany to visit my best friend. It was my first flight and first longer trip abroad in almost two years.

Prem, Slovenia


I spent a few days in Düsseldorf, Germany visiting my best friend and her family. It was great and I am so happy that I did that. More about my visit in a blog post next year. We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday. We took kids to an excursion site in a forest (another blog post for 2022).

with my best friend and her daughter in Dusseldorf, Germany


My birthday is in December 🙂 . I had a wonderful birthday weekend. My husband and I visited Christmas markets in Zagreb. We took the kids to a Christmas market in Delnice. We spent Christmas with our family. The beginning of the month was tough because my son had pneumonia but he recovered and we got to enjoy all the festive fun.

Zagreb, Croatia

That was my 2021 in 12 photos:)

What about your 2021? How was it?

Happy New Year!! I wish you all the best!



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26 thoughts

  1. You did a LOT this year! And it’s really great you got to travel out of the country for once after getting vaccinated. It’s also incredible you got a job that you enjoy. Certainly was a busy year for you, but I hope it mellows out in 2022. Here’s to more adventures soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel that this year went by way to quickly.. but reading all your achievements, it looks much longer🙂
    Happy belated Birthday (it was mine too😊), and have a safe and happy New Year!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s quite amazing when you look back on a year and see how much you’ve done in 12 months (when it actually feels like it was another quiet year 😊). I like that photo taken in January – great to see the Christmas spirit was still there!
    If I look at all the posts you still need to write about your travels in 2021, you already have some lovely posts coming up – can’t wait to read about it!

    Liked by 1 person

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