Life & blog update: December 2021

Zagreb, Croatia

Life & blog update: December 2021 was a month of Christmas festivities. It didn’t start well though. My son had pneumonia which I mentioned in my November’s post. Then, my daughter was sick too. They both got better and in the end we were able to participate in a number of festive activities.

All the Christmas markets in Croatia were cancelled last year. There were only festive lights and decorations, no music or food or stalls. So, I was particularly keen on visiting as many Christmas markets this year as possible. We visited Christmas markets in our hometown and in Opatija. We ate fritule and roasted chestnuts and had some mulled wine.

Kids were very enthusiastic about decorating our Christmas tree this year. They have almost done everything by themselves. Of course, I had to rearrange the Christmas ornaments a bit later. In Croatia kids get small gifts for St. Nicholas Day (6 December). Of course, they got a bunch of gifts for Christmas too.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend. My husband and I went on a concert of a local band on Friday (first time in I don’t know how long..). Then, the next day we went to Zagreb without the kids. We walked all over the town to see all 10 Advent locations, different Christmas markets. Everything was beautifully decorated. But something was missing. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but there just wasn’t enough of Christmas mood, music, people, something… Then, on Sunday we took the kids to Delnice. Kids absolutely loved the Christmas market there. I must admit that I enjoyed the horse & carriage ride too as well. And there was a bit of snow! I had a fun birthday lunch with my girlfriends later in the mnth too. We tried the new Thai restaurant.

We took the kids to the puppet’s theater too. Our son already attended several shows but this was the first show for our two year old daughter. She liked it.

Christmas was celebrated with the family. The kids got sick a bit again so we didn’t do other outdoor activities that I planned for the holidays. We celebrated 2022 twice so it’d better be a good year. We went to Trsat Castle for a children’s New Year’s party which included a magician’s show and a clown’s show and some music and balloons during the morning. We then had a proper New year’s party with some friends in the evening.

All in all, we had an amazing month. There was some covid-19 related obstacles and change of plans again but by now I think that we have all learned how to live with this virus among us. We take precautions but we try to enjoy our life as much as we can.

December on my blog was all about Christmas posts. I continued my last year’s blog series about my Christmas tree travel ornaments and I shared with you a couple of very special Christmas markets mugs. I have plenty of posts to share with you this year about our last year’s family day trips and more. I just hope I get around to it finally.

How was your December? How did you celebrate New Year’s?

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  1. My son got pneumonia when he was small, the children can get a specific type of pneumonia – starting with M. I can clearly remember the sound of his cough changing becoming very deep and rattly. He was about 5 years old at the time. Hope your son gets better soon. Despite this, Christmas sounds quite festive.

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    1. We had a wonderful Christmas season.he recovered from pneumonia but I guess his immune system is weaker now still cause he has been sick again,but minor things


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