My Christmas Markets Mugs: Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Belvedere Palace, Vienna

My Christmas Markets Mugs : Belvedere Palace, Vienna

The first Christmas market mug I have ever bought is this blue mug from Belvedere Palace, Christmas market in Vienna. A long time ago my friend and I hopped onto a train to Vienna to spend the weekend with an old high school friend who lived there. Coincidence or not that weekend was also my birthday so I got to spend my birthday in Vienna. My friend M. and I walked all over Vienna and admired the Christmas lights and decorations. Of course, we also indulged in some mulled wine and Sacher cake and went on a ride on the old Ferris wheel in Prater. We visited most Christmas markets in Vienna then. Little did I know that I’d spent many more weekends in Vienna during December in my future.

Belvedere Palace houses the Belvedere Museum. You can also just walk freely around the palace grounds and take photos of the palace and enjoy the views of Vienna. Christmas market is located in front of Upper Belvedere palace.

my first ever Christmas market mug bought at Belveder palace Christmas market in 2005

How to buy a Christmas market mug

When you are at a Christmas market in Vienna (and this is also true for German Christmas markets too), you pay for your drink and for the mug. You can order hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine etc., and you will always get a beautiful ceramic mug. Each Christmas market in Vienna has a different mug. If you want to keep your mug you are free to do so because you have paid for it. If you return the mug to the stall where you bought your drink, you will get 3 or 4 euros back which was your deposit for the mug. The drinks usually cost around 3.50 or 4 euros but you actually pay around 8 euros in total. In the past few years I have also noticed that you can buy just a mug, e.g. at Maria Theresien-Platz Christmas market, without the drink but where’s the fun in that?

Christmas market mug is an excellent souvenir. Just wash it well at your hotel and then wrap it in some tissues or paper and store carefully in your carry on luggage if you are travelling by plane. I have bought many Christmas market mugs from Vienna for my friends and family over the years. I have a couple at home that I’ll share with you in this blog series about Christmas markets mugs. However, there are also some mugs that I didn’t buy but at least I have photos of them too.

I was looking forward to a work weekend this year in Vienna (and perhaps also another Christmas mug?) but that won’t be possible because Austria entered another lockdown and all Christmas markets are cancelled again.

Have you ever been to Christmas markets in Vienna? Do you also collect Christmas markets mugs?

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28 thoughts

  1. A fantastic souvenir of your trip that will evoke lovely memories for years to come. I haven’t been to Vienna but I have been to many Christmas markets in Austria, Switzerland and also throughout Germany! And I did get a mug like yours, from the markets in Munich! I love it! My husband uses it all the time and I worry that he will break it!

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  2. Wonderful! I’ve not been to the Christmas markets in Vienna, but I’ve heard they’re legendary. I’ve collected Christmas market mugs in a handful of cities, including Basel, Riquewihr, and Strasbourg. We don’t really do Christmas markets in the US, so I do miss them (including the mulled wine)!

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  3. I love Vienna but have never been at Christmas or indeed in the winter at all! The only Christmas market I’ve been to abroad was Karlsruhe a few years ago. We have them in the UK now too and I believe Birmingham has the biggest German Christmas market outside Germany! I’ve been there a few times and once to Manchester 🙂

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  4. I haven’t even been to many Xmas markets. Have I been to one abroad? I can’t remember but I always wanted to visit the one in Strasbourg.

    We don’t really have that tradition in Helsinki. Sure you might find some small market some years but it’s not a tradition and there is usually no food, music or any entertainment. Usually it’s just some stalls selling the same thing: woollen socks at a super high price… So no, no souvenir mugs!

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