My Christmas Markets Mugs: Velden, Austria

Velden, Austria

My Christmas Markets Mugs : Velden, Austria

Eight years ago I took my mum on a day trip to Villach and Velden in Austria to visit the Christmas markets. We enjoyed our visit a lot. We spent the morning in pretty Villach and then headed to a smaller town of Velden on the lake Worthersee.

Velden is quite known for its big floating Advent Wreath on the lake. It looked spectacular. We also saw a couple of young girls dressed as angels walking around the lake. It was cold so we had some tasty glühwein at the Christmas market and we decided to keep the mug as a souvenir. I’ve got a couple of small wooden Christmas tree decorations as another memento of that day trip.

my Velden Christmas market mug from 2013

How to buy a Christmas market mug

When you are at a Christmas market in Austria (and this is also true for German Christmas markets too), you pay for your drink and for the mug. You can order hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine etc., and you will always get a beautiful ceramic mug. If you want to keep your mug you are free to do so because you have paid for it. If you return the mug to the stall where you bought your drink, you will get 3 or 4 euros back which was your deposit for the mug. The drinks usually cost around 3.50 or 4 euros but you actually pay around 8 euros in total. Christmas market mug is an excellent souvenir. Just wash it well at your hotel and then wrap it in some tissues or paper and store carefully in your carry on luggage if you are travelling by plane.

So, my Velden Christmas market mug is the second Christmas market mug in my collection. Read all about my first here.

Have you ever been to Christmas markets in Austria? Do you also collect Christmas markets mugs?

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  1. I’ve not heard of Velden nor Villach, but they sound like lovely places to visit in Austria, especially during this time of year! Another wonderful Christmas market mug to add to your beautiful collection. 🙂

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