My Christmas Markets Mugs: Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus platz, Vienna

Christmas Market in Vienna

Last year I started a new Christmas blog posts series about my Christmas markets mugs. I bought my first ever Christmas market mug at Belvedere palace Christmas market in Vienna in 2005. Little did I know that 10 years later I’d be visiting Vienna regularly during festive season because of my previous job. Of course, I couldn’t resist but to buy some new Christmas markets mugs.

My Christmas Markets Mugs: Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus platz, Vienna

I got this red heart shaped Christmas market mug at Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus platz (Christmas Market at the City Hall square) in 2014 when this market celebrated it’s 30th anniversary. That’s why I saw this same Christmas mug years afterwards too. Christmas market at the Town Hall is the biggest Christmas market in Vienna. Each Christmas market in Vienna has its own design of a Christmas mug and usually they change them each year. I bought some Christmas mugs for my family and friends too so I only have 3 Christmas markets mugs from Vienna: the oldest, blue mug from Belvedere palace, this red heart shaped mug from Town hall market and an interesting mug from St. Stephen’s cathedral market which will be featured in another post.

How to buy a Christmas market mug

When you are at a Christmas market in Austria (and this is also true for German Christmas markets too), you pay for your drink and for the mug. You can order hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine etc., and you will always get a beautiful ceramic mug. If you want to keep your mug you are free to do so because you have paid for it. If you return the mug to the stall where you bought your drink, you will get 3 or 4 euros back which was your deposit for the mug. The drinks usually cost around 4 euros but you actually pay around 8 euros in total. Christmas market mug is an excellent souvenir. Just wash it well at your hotel and then wrap it in some tissues or paper and store carefully in your carry on luggage if you are travelling by plane.

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Have you ever been to Christmas markets in Austria? Do you also collect Christmas markets mugs?

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19 thoughts

  1. Oh I also have a mug from one of Vienna’s Christmas markets (but not this one)! When I lived there I was so tempted to buy all the mugs but in the end only ended up with one ahah – I’m going back there this year, so maybe I’ll get another one too!

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  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane of Europe in 2011 when I toured the Christmas markets of Germany Austria and Switzerland. The Salzburg and Innsbruck markets in particular I remember fondly. And I treasure my small mug for Munich. But your red mug is so beautiful. I feel a bit jealous seeing it. Enjoy that gluhvein!

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  3. I’ve not been to the Christmas markets in Austria, but I’ve been to ones in the neighboring countries of Germany, Switzerland, and France! Beautiful time of the year, and it’s a must to grab a Christmas market mug. Let the holiday season begin! 😊

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