My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: Austria

My Christmas tree travel ornaments is a series of short blog posts about my special Christmas tree ornaments that I’ve bought over the years on my travels.

I don’t have a habit of buying Christmas ornaments on my travels but as it happened I’d bought several beautiful Christmas ornaments on some of my past trips. I thought that it all started in Austria at a Christmas market seven years ago but I’d completely forgotten that I’d bought my first ever Christmas ornaments during my time in England. Those two ornaments were a gift for my mum.

My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: Austria

4 white Christmas ornaments from Villach & Velden

I visited the Christmas markets in Villach and Velden (Austria) with my mum in 2013. It was a fun day trip spent drinking glühwein and eating too much sweets. I bought a couple of delicate, white, wooden Christmas ornaments. They were actually cheap and rather lovely. These 4 ornaments decorate my Christmas tree every year and they are pet and child friendly (meaning they won’t get broken that easily if my cat or my kids decide to knock down our Christmas tree 🙂 ).

my Christmas bauble from Vienna

I bought this beautiful and expensive Christmas bauble at a Christmas market in Vienna. I’m not sure anymore if I bought it at Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus platz (City Hall square) or at some other Christmas market in enchanting Vienna. I’ve first visited Vienna with a friend back in December in 2005 and we had lots of fun exploring Vienna. And I celebrated my birthday on that trip too. But I didn’t buy this Christmas bauble then. I bought it on one of my business trip to Vienna. I’ve been very fortunate to have explored all Christmas markets in Vienna over the past few years because of my job. I miss Vienna in December and I miss my job. The ornament below was a gift from a business colleague. We worked together during my business trips in Vienna and she surprised me one day with this lovely Christmas ornament.

a gift from Vienna

Do you buy Christmas ornaments on your travels too? Have you already decorated your Christmas tree?

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29 thoughts

  1. I love this! My entire Christmas tree is covered with stories (in the form of both real and makeshift ornaments) from around the world! Vienna, though, is a definite favourite of mine 🙂

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  2. Oh, I recently wrote a blog post about Christmas markets in Vienna so I feel very nostalgic of the Christmasy vibe they have there too! I love the idea of buying ornaments as a souvenir from your trips, and yours look lovely! Thanks for sharing 😊

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  3. I don’t buy Christmas ornaments on my travels, but I do admire those who do so! Yours from Vienna looks so lovely, and it is a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree! Happy holidays, Tanja. 🙂

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  4. beautiful ornaments! I hope to someday go to a European christmas market. I never bought any ornaments on travels abroad, but i have a couple cherished one that I bought on our honeymoon in Hawaii in 2006.

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  5. I love Vienna but I’ve never visited at Christmas. I do have a decoration similar to your wooden ones, which I bought in Heidelberg, but although it’s a Nativity scene I don’t put it on my tree. Instead it hangs in our kitchen all year round, along with many other little holiday mementos.

    No, our tree isn’t up yet. We like to have a real one so can’t put it up too early because the needles would drop before Twelfth Night. We will probably buy it on Wednesday and decorate on Thursday 🙂

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