My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: Oslo

My Christmas tree travel ornaments is a series of short blog posts about my special Christmas tree ornaments that I’ve bought over the years on my travels.

My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: Oslo

I got this Christmas ornament on our weekend trip to Oslo back in 2014. My husband and I had lots of fun exploring Oslo. So, we were in this rather expensive souvenir shop which had an entire lower floor dedicated to Christmas. And it was April! It was hard to resist buying something, so I was very happy when I found this reindeer which wasn’t as expensive as other Christmas ornaments displayed.

Do you buy Christmas ornaments on your travels too?

For a previous blog post about my Christmas ornaments from Austria click here.

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7 thoughts

  1. Hi Tanja! I didn’t think i had any ornaments from abroad but when getting out my (WAY!) too many ornaments and decorations I found a cute little one that I bought in Edinburgh! I took a photo and will hopefully post it later today when I take a break.

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      1. good morning, Tanja, I hope you’d doing ok! i just read a post somewhere about the Vienna Christmas market and thought of you; knowing how much you love them. Even though who knows when we’ll be going anywhere at all, much less all the way across the ocean, and if and when we do, we always go in Septmber…I’d love to see that Vienna Christmas market. Someday. Meanwhile, I’m finally about to take a moment to post my photo of my ornament from Scotland.

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