My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: England

My Christmas tree travel ornaments is a series of short blog posts about my special Christmas tree ornaments.

My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: England 

My Christmas tree
Big Ben and red double decker bus

I love Christmas season and one of my favourite activities is decorating our Christmas tree. Over the years I bought several rather special Christmas ornaments on my travels. I don’t often travel in winter nor do I often come across a Christmas shop so I don’t have that many Christmas baubles from around Europe. Last year I shared with you my Christmas ornaments from Austria, Oslo and San Marino.

Actually, the first Christmas ornaments that I bought abroad are two delicate, Christmas baubles from Bury St Edmunds. One is an angel and the other is a reindeer. I bought them as a gift for my mum when I was living in England.

Christmas ornament from England

When we visited Edinburgh in 2012 I came across a Christmas shop but it was closed. Otherwise, I’d have definitely bought something there because the display in the shop window looked rather beautiful.

I have visited London so many times but I haven’t bought a single London Christmas ornament. However, a couple of years ago I participated in a giveaway by A Lady in London blog and won two wonderful Christmas ornaments: Big Ben and a red double decker bus which you can see in the photos.

pillarbox, Big Ben and red double decker bus

A year after my lucky win I ordered a surprise British box (Christmas edition) from Quaintly & Co and got a beautiful Christmas ornament: a letter pillarbox. So, now I have three English Christmas ornaments. But next time I’m in London I’m definitely buying another beautiful Christmas ornament 🙂

Do you buy Christmas ornaments on your travels too? Perhaps you like to collect mugs from Christmas markets that you’ve visited? Stay tuned for my Christmas markets mugs posts soon.

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24 thoughts

  1. Even an old curmudgeon like me can appreciate collecting Christmas baubles. Lovely reminders of time and place. There are so many places to buy them from in Britain. There used to be a Christmas shop on Tooley Street in London, not far from London Bridge Station, when you’re next in town!

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  2. Lovely tree & decorations! I bought a bunch of new ones 2 years ago but they all broke when my kids wanted to inspect them: it turned out they were made of glass! So now I make sure to check the material before I buy! That was a lot of cleaning up to do!🤪

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    1. Yes,glass baubles and kids!we put up our Christmas tree yesterday and since the kids were in charge of decorating the Christmas tree I put away any precious ornaments and put them on when they went to bed😉and rearranged a bit the ornaments cause the bottom part of the tree was heavily decorated (where my kids could reach)

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  3. Beautiful ornaments! I haven’t set up a Christmas tree in years, as I find it laborious and time-consuming (especially if I don’t set it up with family, which is the point of doing so), but I’m with you on collecting Christmas market mugs, as I have a few from France, Germany, and Switzerland!

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  4. That’s a lovely way to remember your travels! That gold letter box reminds me of the Olympics in 2012 – our postal service painted one red pillar box gold for each gold medal winner, in their home town or city 🙂

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  5. How lovely to have ornaments that remind you of your travels. I have a friend who collects bells, so I’m always on the look-out for decorations for her. I already have enough decorations for several trees.

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