Life & blog update: November 2021

I went to Düsseldorf, Germany at the end of October/beginning of November

Life & blog update: November 2021…was a month of travel and my son’s birthday.

I welcomed in November in Düsseldorf, Germany. I travelled there to spend some time with my best friend and her family. It was great to see her and finally catch up properly. The added bonus was that we got to do that while walking around pretty Düsseldorf (and eating cake). I was surprised to see so many Halloween decorations around the city. I didn’t expect that in Germany. But there were already Christmas displays at chocolate shops too! I will blog about my Düsseldorf trip but for now you can read about my first flying experience in this Covid-19 era and admire some pretty doors in my published post Thursday doors: doors from Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf (links below).

We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday in November. This year he celebrated his birthday for the first time with his friends from daycare at a playroom. He loved it! Of course, we also had a family celebration. He got his first Lego sets (not anymore just Lego Duplo sets for small kids but proper Lego sets) and he likes to play with it. All of a sudden, my boy acts as a proper young kid not a toddler. He amazes me with his wit and excellent memory. And he gets along better and better with his younger sister. Unfortunately, he was sick at the end of the month and it took two weeks of high fever and coughing and two visits to the children’s hospital for him to finally be diagnosed with pneumonia. He is finally better.

We visited an excursion site in Gorski kotar called Forest Fairytale. Our kids saw wild boars and deer and a big, black cat. We took pictures of our kids with huge, wooden statues (different characters from fairy tales). My kids ran around and enjoyed themselves at a children’s playground in the middle of the forest. The best part was feeding and petting the deer. I am so glad we got to do that because soon afterwards my son and then my daughter too got sick.

One of my best friends had a birthday party in November and I was so happy that we spend it together because last year we couldn’t do it because of coronavirus. If nothing else this pandemic has taught me to seize every precious moment I can with my friends and family and not to miss opportunities when they arise (be it a day trip or a change of a career).

I was looking forward to Christmas markets around my hometown because last year they were closed. However, my sons’ illness had altered our plans but I still hope that we’ll be able to experience some of outdoor festivities before Christmas.

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  1. Your son’s the rambunctious one, isn’t he? Sorry to read that he had pneumonia, but I hope he recovered speedily and well! I’ve heard good things about Düsseldorf, although I’ve never been there, but I look forward to your blog post about it soon, as inspiration to go!

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    1. Yes,he is very rambunctious.He is fine now,but we need to be extra careful cause he can easily contract anything now since his immune system is still weak after pneumonia.but we can go out🙂

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